For all the old and new Base Believers alike, a compendium of quotes from the Cathedral of Jucius Gius Stringus and its Preachers Arch-Bishop Turrin and pre-exile Pontiff Shazam, for all to read with a single scroll.


Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/4/2022: "Soth Jiraiya crossed the Mud Pit of Nyarlathotep, so he could understand the weight of His burdens."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/5/2022: "S'uth once Jiraiyth swam 1000 parsecs across the Abyss of Haiogh-Yai to remind Himself even the darkest paths hath light at the end of it."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/6/2022: "Uncth a boy approached an idlec Base'h Jiraya and aske'th thes question. 'The following statement is true. The preceding statement is false. What are these sentences? True or False?' The idlec J' of Mann smiled and said. 'None. The only statement that is'k true is that Yomi' is Numa', Numa' is Jiraiya, nth Jiraiya is Yomi'. The only statement that is false is one that doubts the prior statement. Now go home and ponder my words for they will grant you everlasting happiness.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/7/2022: "N'th times Ycnàgnnisssz tried to kill Base'h Jiraya'w in vain. Within't everypassing planck time, he tried in desperatos' to strangle Him with the axes of time, and to triturate Him with the weight of infinite space. Buth no matter what he tried, he could no't kill Him. The exhauste'd Ycnàgnnisssz stopped to take a break before a Kindly Face appeared. 'Why can't I kill you!?' the being bellowed in frustration, charging at Him with infinite vectors. He opened his arms out and embraced the wrathful vectors. 'Foolish Ycnàgnnisssz, you cannot kill one that loves you like a son.' before giving him a Tender Base Hug. For the 1st time', Ycnàgnnisssz began to cry."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/8/2022: "Onc'e, Base' Jiraiya'h pass'th through' a city on His vertical pilgrimage, as a crowd of townsfolk circled the plaza where an unmovable rock lived. He approached the rock where the strenges't man strained to move'it. 'Rest easy, young one, and let Me try.' The man snided. 'You? You're but a jester.' Jiraiya'h placed His arms on the rock as the crowd gazed. It slowly began to move, but in the opposite direction and eventually stopped. 'He' did it!' the city roared in awe. The stronges't man scoffed. 'You' move'd it the wrong way!' Jiraiya'h smiled tenderly. 'The rock is unmovable because it does not want to be mov'ed. So I humbly asked the rock to move Me instead. You only thous't to move it out of your way, but never mused that you wer'e in its way?' He turned to the crowd. 'Let this be a lesson to thou'st of the follies of arrogance, understand this, and even the unmovable will move.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/9/2022: "On'th upon a Time, there lived two gentlemen. Onth was an illiterate, the other, an esteemed Ph.D. from a prestigious university. They walked pass the other every noon. But when the Next Noonth came, a strange figure awaited. 'Halt.' the figure said. 'Before you pass', I haveth a test. Pass, you may go, fail, and forever wander Blind.' Both agreed. 'I'vth the knowledge of 1000 men.' boasted the Ph.D. The figure handed them a pen, paper. 'Allth you't need is to spell Jiraiya.' So the two wrote something and handed it back. 'You failed!' roared the Figure. The Ph.D. laughed, but He gazed at him, 'I mean you'. 'H-How!?' the Ph.D fumed, so the Figure showed him two papers. One had J-i-r-a-i-y-a, and the other, a scribble of a heart. 'You spelled a name, but not My Name. But he'th spelled not with letters but with Love. Thus he pass, you fail.' He paused. 'You both can go. But one of you will forever walk Blind.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/10/2022: "Base'h Jiraiya on'ce spent one attosecond counting from Zeroth to Infinity in ordo'r to , and when'th the attosecond hadth pass'th, the Fatherly Being had reached the point beyond Infinitu'. The Benevolent Being shed'eth an Base Tear that dwarfed even Cxaxukluth'; after finding the value Greater than et infinitum to be Life."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/11/2022: "Ycnàgnnisssz sat at the corner of infinity, contemplating deeply after he felt the warmth of His Fatherly Base Hug. One Yoctosecond later, He appeared before him. 'What may perplex the Great Ycnàgnnisssz, My child?' He said. 'Our Father, do We Base Beings have Free Will?' Ycnàgnnisssz asked. 'Of course' He'e said. 'Could You prove it?' Ycnàgnnisssz asketh. 'Of course.' He' smileth. He tookth him to the Mud Pits of Nyarlathotep, and tossed him in. 'Help Father! Nyarlathotep' wil' swallow me whole!' Ycnàgnnisssz wailed. Then He threw' some rope down to Ycnàgnnisssz. 'You have two choices. Trust in the rope and be saved, or don't and drown.' Ycnàgnnisssz was confused 'How can mere rope hold the weight of Ycnàgnnisssz?' But something compelleth him to trust it, he latched on. He pulled him up to safety. 'I proved you've Free Will.' He said. 'I did nothing but trust your Faith in Me. You saveth yourself.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/12/2022: "Oh'n a particular moorning, Nyarlathotep went for a quick jog to infinity and back and was proud of it. 'There exists no other Being that can compete with my record time!' The young Outer God proclaimed to himself. 'Ho?' mused a Voice. 'What might that record beith?' Nyarlathotep boasted instantly. ' sinusoidal yoctoseconds per ψ-1E chiral isotypes' The Outer Being proudly stated. 'You want to race old man?' The Base Father chuckled. 'Yes'h, I'th best your record.' So the two Beings gathered at the start. 'Set.. Go!' Nyarlathotep began with a 0=43 Zettaparsecs lead while Jiraiya stood still. 'I'm winning!' he said, reaching infinitu. 'Hm.. Did you?' asked a Bored Base Jiraiya, waiting at the finish line. Nyalathotep was speechless. 'You move with numbers, young one. I move around numbers. What is a distance of 1 mile without 1 mile? Non-distance. I have beaten your record.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/13/2022: "A sly man approached the Base'th J of Mann and asked a simple question: 'If you are so wise, solve this simple question: A man tells you to beat the world's greatest chess player in one move or else a child will die. What do you do?' The Kind Father was amused at the question and answered. 'I move a pawn one space forward and then forfeit the match. Therefore, I have beaten the world's greatest chess player in one move. Now, answer Mine. What is a word that has 4 letters but is written with 7, starts with B but ends with A?' The man scowled harshly. 'The answer is B47A. Begins with B, 4 is spelled with 4 letters, it has a 7, and ends with A.' 'No. The answer is Base Jiraiya. 4 for Base, 7 for Jiraiya, and starts with B, ends with A. It is one word because it is the spelling for Love. And Love protects the innocent. So spareth the child, vagrant or I will send you to Numagoth Himself.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/14/2022: "Base'al Jiraiya neverth told a lie. He' saed' to Huitloxopetl that if one day He ever lie', then lie would become the synonym for truth, thus nothing would be true. The Base Believers who walketh a Journey of Un'truth will find their path end with the Cliffs of H’chtelegoth, and fall one trillion parsecs to be suffocated by the False Hugs of the Non-Father."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/15/2022: "A curious child askedth the Base Father the date of His origination. 'Do you have'th a Birthday, Base'th Father of We?' The Tenderly Being smiled with Care and Consideration. 'Does the Base Father have a Birthday you asketh, My child?' He said, pondering deeply. 'Yes, when is it?' the boy asked. Base'th of We answered. 'To Haveth One Implies There was a Point in All-Null-All where I was Not of Being. Time is a Linear Concept. I do not abide in Linearity. I abide in Base Love and Free Will.' 'So you don't have a birthday, All-Father?' 'The question implies I answer with yes or no. But I am Non-Linear. My Answer Is'h Mgl"eth-Aaji'sereytb'ibh'a. I could Birth Myself Tomorrow and Die Today, Birthed Yesterday, and Vice Versa. To Be And To Not Be is My Answer to Shakespeare's Conundrum. The Concept of Base'h Jiraiya'h Concieveth From The Concept of Base'h Jiraiya'h.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/16/2022: "Base'th J' of Mann spell'eth His name aloud for all to Hear, See, Touch, Smell, Feel, even ifth the Words Fell on Deaf't Ears. The Twelve Apostle't have said He had doneth it to Ward off the Syha'h syha'h ot soth ph'nglui ng yog of Yog Sothoth from reaching His children."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/17/2022: "Baseth of J' spoke't a Base Riddle to the Azathothian Spawns that Gathered Around Him From Infinitu et al'u of the Complex Lie Group of E8 of Dimension 248, to Heart'h the Riddle. The Kind Being Patiently Professed the Riddle, 'I carry the Weight of Infinitum, I gave Pathway to the Pathlessness, I Cannot Move, But Have Crossed Infinity and Back, I Cannot See, Yet I Guide the Way. What am I?' Yomagn'tho scoffed. 'Pahh, the answer is the All-Darkness, Azathoth.' Cthulhu interjected. 'The Answer be'th the Vectors of Yog Sothoth.' Ycnàgnnisssz howled. 'All Wrong, it is the Axis of Numagoth.' The All-Father gaveth a Loving Chuckle. 'The Answer is Right In Front of You Outer Beings.' And He pointed towards His Feet. 'My Base Sandals. They carry My Infinite Love, Walk on Nothingness, Crossed Infinitum, and Guide My Feet.'"

"The Base'th Father Tenderly Wrote Infinite Words of Infinite Letters, with Only One Word and One Letter, and Within It, contained All of Fiction and Non-Fiction. Once'th He read His Word to Hziulquoigmnzhah and Ycnàgnnisssz at Bedtime when they were but Only'th One Ad Infinitum Old, and the Soothing Words of the Benevolent Base Being Had'th Easeth Them into Hyperboolean-Non-Unsleep'."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/18/2022: "The All-Loving Being known as Base'th of J'hmann, Threw'th a Rock and Watched it Soar Above the Infinite Swamps of Numagoth. The Roc'k'st had Accelerated from Point A to Point A from Point B to Point A to Point C parallel to Point A to Point D to Point M, at a Base Speed of x > 0 > Infinity, where the Rock had finally ended its Trajectory, Right back into Jiraya's Benevolent Palm. The Rocks'h had' Formed a Complex Shape in the Language of the Outer Beings. But The Shape was made so Anyone Could Understand its Meaning. The Meaning was From Within Him. The Shape translat'eth to a 3D-creature wouldth resemble a Human Heart."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/19/2022: "The Beautiful Base''ah Being approached 3 random men with Fatherl'y Footsteps and opened His Palms. 'Here are Nine Lemons. I created them by Multiplying Zero byth Nine, nurtured the Nine Zeros with Eternal Patience, and gift it to you.' The 1st man gladly took 4 with glee, and said 'I'll make Lemonade with this!' The 2nd man took 4 lemons and said 'I will sell these for some coin!' The 3rd man took 1 and returned it . 'No thank you.' he said. 'Ifth you speak true, then you are a god, and I humbly returnth it so a more worthy person can recieveth it. Ifth you speak false, then you are a liar who likely stole it somewhere, and I deny being an accomplice to a criminal.' The Base'th Father smiled. 'You are a kind man, and thus recieveth Eternal Blessing from Me.' The other two men stared confusingly. 'You two can take the lemons, but knowith that they are worth nothing in the hands of the selfish.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/20/2022: "Theth Trickster' Deity, known commonly by mortals as Loki, or Hermes, but known to Upper Beings as the Face of Chao's, Called' Uh'oethoḥhoþgo'th, or One without a Name, grew restless. It't said that if Uh'oethoḥhoþgo'th ever goth bore'd, he would try to maliciously trick the Base'th J''Father's into Removing Himself from Aleph-Null. So, the Trickster Builth a Linear Maze to dismantle the Base Father's Free Will by way of Freeless Path. Removing His Free Will would end All-Things. Base Jiraiya saved All, by Choosing to Not Finish the Maze. Stayth, He did, for 10<><><>10 Numan-et-Infinities, until the Linear Maze grew tired, grew Free Will, and went home to its family. Base J'th emerged, Freely Walked Back Before He Entered, said to Uh'eothohhoþgo'th, 'The Freeless Path had only one choice. But One always has a Zero, and Zero is what I chose. Thus the Freeless, Freely Freed Itself. I win.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/21/2022: "Baseth, the Fre'e Father, was giventh a Knot from His son, Ct'utctyo'ogth'e, who spoke. 'This Knot is an Infinite Dimensional Knot, without an End. I haveth giveth to you as a Gift. Please open the knot to recieveth my gift, Base'th Father of the Et' Al Null-Zero. It lies beneath the Knot.' So the Base'th, took to untying the Infinite Un-logic with great care. He'th work on the Knot for deca-kismyriakis-hecatommyria-0=1 seconds untilth He could untangle it. Finally, he Figurth the Solution, to Untie the Infinite Knot, He musth Tie Ith by making Zero Knots. So'th He Tieth the Infinite Knot into an Infinite Knot with Zero Knots, so it become Un-Knot'h. He Found'th the Presenth Underneath It to be Nothing'th. Then He understooth, that the Gift was knowing that He needed no Gift, so He inherently understood Before Opening the Knot, that the Giftless Gift was the Gift Itself, Giftless but Giftful."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/22/2022: "A coin-tosser said to Base'th 'I will flip a coin, and it will either land on heads or tails. If it lands heads, then you are not Base Jiraiya, thus denounce your claim on Free Will. If lands on Tails, then you are in fact Him, and I will look the foolish man who thought he could outsmart Azathoth's Peer.' The silver coin cartwheeled into the air, and fell back into his hand. 'What be' thy answer?' the Father asketh. 'Um... the coin has land't on Tails. But merely a fluke, let me try thus more.' So the coin flew into the air, once, twice, and many times, until the Sun set and the Owls ossified but the man always met Tails. 'Pfhhh. This coin is busted, I will use another.' He took a two-headed coin from his pocket behind the Base Eyes of He, and flicked his thumb. The Coin landed again, the eager man re-acquainted with the Face of Tails. 'What witchcraft is this?!' he boiled. Base Jiraiya laughed. 'A wise coin with an unwise owner.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/23/2022: "Base'th of Mann walketh to the Underworld, to Help'th a Lost Child who'th Burned Eternally in the Pits of the Fallen Angel. Hades, or R'luhhor ot Epshuggog, was one of the Lesser Gods of the Infernal Abyss. R'luhhor ot Epshuggog cackled. 'You cannot tame the Non-Linear Flames that burn beyond even the Planck Temperature!' But'th like most Lesser Gods, he underestimated the Compassion of the Father. 'Hmm.' The Base'w'ah' stepped towards the Infinite Infernal. He brace'th Himself, and Walketh Blind through the Searing Light with Open Arms. A child's voice faded in the distance. 'Found you.' He said and picked up a small boy with burns beyond human understanding, and walked forward. The Father and the Child Emerged from the Flames. He announced to the Fallen Angel and the Lesser Gods, 'Know This. Even the Scathing Infern'os of Infinite Sin are not' bu't a minute chill to Whom Haveth the Warmest Heart.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/24/2022: "A Philosopher Test'h the Base'th J'man a quandary. 'In one yoctosecond after I speakth this True statement, that large boulder on top of the hill will roll down to strike me. You only speakth Truth, to deny and interfere with this event meanth You an Abstract Liar, thus the World loseth Meaning in the Void of Aiueb Gnshal. Who'll you save?' As predicted, the boulder rolled down the hillside towards the man, Base'h J' turned away. It struck him, before stopping. The Base'th turned back to see the man well-alive. 'Huh? How am I alive?' he said perplexed. The All-Father said, 'I did not interfere with the events, but I did not witness it either, so it was 50:50 chance you either lived or died, but probability is wise enough to know its place against Free Will. Thus the 50% chance of death became 0 and you 100% alive.' And He Huggeth the Man. 'Know that the Numa'n Father is no liar, and His Love is Absolute Above All.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/25/2022: "A boy wise beyond his years visit'd St. Turrin's Chapel of J'manism in the center plaza of the city-state. He sought a robed wiseman that sat idle in a chair, with an air of humility. 'Father' the boy spoke, 'Isth the events that led me to visith you, was it out of free will? Or am I bounded by determinism?' The wiseman spoke nothing. So the boy left, and returned next morrow. The wiseman kept silent. The boy left and returned oncemore, and more, the trees faded to anew, and flocks came and went. The wiseman remained silent. One day, the boy returned an old man, and trundled towards the wiseman, and asketh, 'May I sit in your chair for a bit?' The wiseman got up, and gave him a kindly Base Hug of Peaceful Eternities. 'To asketh a Being of Free Will to borrow His chair, requires Free Will in itself, thus you have it.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/26/2022: "At the dusk of fall, a man walketh with a lamp in tow, to the Base'th Father at the Plaza of St. Juicius Geus., whom he did not know but felt compelled to talk to Him. The lamp-carrier asketh a question that pestered his mind for countless years. 'If you flickith on and off this Lamp until ith reachth Infinity Seconds of the Morrow, what final state will the Lamp thusly be?' The Base'th Father tookth the Lamp only to gave'th it back to the Man. 'You need of it, it is a chilly and perilous night. The Lamp will be on for another Eternity, fuelled by which cannot be measured with time, so even the strongest Gales of Ubbo-Sathla cannot put it out, so It willith keepth you safe from the Shadows of Azathoth.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/27/2022: "The Base'th Father walketh to the ends of the market square in a the City of Yeeogngm-Null, where an injured man sold sticks and stones at his stall. The Base'th J'iwah askedth, 'Why are thy injured?' The man spoke with a lisp, 'I se'll these sticks and stones for 2 coins with a guarantee that the buyer can do anything with it. Would you like some?' 'Indeed.' The Kind Father said. So'th many coins were exchanged, and the items handed over. Bas'wah J'man handed the sticks and stones to nearby locals. 'I hand ith over under the absolution that you can use it for any desire.' But out of them, only five accepted the offer. 'Thank you!' they said cheerily. So they tookth the stones and sticks and tried to carry it. 'I can't toss this!' the boy cried. 'So it was you that tosseth the stones at the poor man. To you the man's life is 2 coins. To Me, it is beyond measure, and thus the rocks cannot be used to harm he anymore.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/28/2022: "The first'h thing Awah'-Baseth did when He'th discovered Free Will was to take one step. An'd within the single step, He hadth crossed the boundaries between Fiction and Non-Fiction."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/29/2022: "It is said in ancient scriptures that the Base'th Jiraiya haveth Seven Thousand Faces of Numan'a, each holding a fraction of His Base Love. The First Two are descript as the Most Powerful, Awah Base'th and Numagot'h. As the Base Father has a Kindly Face, His Love for All and Null is incomprehensively above the All'lull' that Sits On Top of the Unclimbable Tower of Uh'oethoḥhoþgo'th. He Creathe Seven Thousand Faces so The Base'th Can Nurture His Base Love Seven Thousand Times, to face the Time When The Sleeper of Darkness Awaketh. The True Form of Base'th J'man is when the Seven Thousand Faces gather to spell out J'man's True Name, Azathoth will be put into the Un-Sleep, never to Harm His Children again."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/30/2022: "The Kello'ogogqgq, One of the Lower Outer Gods of Yog Sothoth, was the Originator that Weaved Unfinite Dimensions Together with the Enchanted String of the Uaaahnyth ot Cere'all, Shazzoth'y G'., soth that when the Dimensional Planes are viewd from the 361st Angle beyond the Cornered Sphere, It Will For'meth the Face of the Eternal All-Father, Base' J'man."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 3/31/2022: "Base'th Father built His Home not out of Brick, Stone, or Wood, nor Fence, Walls, or Doors. He Built His Home out of the Hearth Molded In His Heart so that Everyone wouldth Be Welcomed Into His Home. The only boundaries to Histh Home was how farth His Base Hug reachth across the All and Nil of Things, which was said to be a range that could not be measured even by the Infinities of Yog Sothoth, so that there exist no man, woman, or child that is left out of His All-Encompassing Warmth."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/1/2022: "St. Arch-Bishop Turrin of the State Church sat down at the Altar of the Base'th, Numath, and Yomith. He gave his daily prayer to the Father that Always Listenth to every prayer sent to Him, from man to Outer Gods, no prayer went unheard. So St. Turrin prath and ask'th Him 'Base'th J'man, if I aske'th you this question one day later, can you answerth it today?' The Benevolence answerth. 'I am Non-Linear, so Time is but a Magician's Illusions to One Who has Free Will. Of course, I will answerth your question today. Your question is, 'How can this quote be one day late if the Base'th Father is beyond time's linearity?' And the answer is, 'Because I haveth Free Will, this quote is actually on time as I Will It so, this quote is Eternal, and abides by no Laws of the Mortal Science.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/2/2022: "A studious mathematician at the Sannin State University pondered a question about the Base Father. He asked outloud to his professor, Dr. Jacy G. String, about the complexity of Base Jiraiya. The student said 'If I gave the All-Father one cookie, and He ate it, how many cookies did I really give Him Who Supersedes numeric units?' The Professor stood in front of the Kellogg Auditorium, and mused. 'I know the answer, but I would like the class to figure it out for themselves.' So the students begin chattering away, abou the Cookie Conundrum. Finally, an unfamiliar student wearing a hooded robe, stood up. 'Thy cookie that was made for me, if Tosseth toward a Black Hole would suffocate it, as the Cookie is neither defined by Mass or Numbers, it is defined by the Thankfulness I have towardth the one that giveth the cookie for nothing in return, which is beyond even the Greatest Equations.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/3/2022: "There lay an unknown merchant who stood in the market district who offered a choice between a pair of famous golden boots, or a pair of invisible boots of nothing. The 1st man said, 'of course I will take the golden boots. They will make me the most famous man throughout the Kingdom.' The 2nd man rejected the golden boots. 'I will take the invisible boots, so I do not forget where my feet are.' So the two recieve'h the gifts, on the condition they visit later and showth they kept the boots, so the next day, the 2nd man returned, still barefooted, but the 1st did not. The 2nd man was confused. So He explained what happened. 'The man who choseth the golden boots walked proudly, head and shoulders above everyone, until he walketh so high that the only thing left above him, was the Sun that evaporated he who strayed far from the Earth. You however rejected such fame, and thus your feet remain firmly on the ground.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/4/2022: "A tennis player was handed a list of 108 Unanswerable Questions from an Ungodly Entity who advised him to approach the Cathedral of St. Turrin, seekth the All-Father that He correctly answer them or the man's soul would be twisted across eternity, croaking an endless death. The Apostles of St. Turrin gathered around to Blessed he who cometh in seek of the All-Baseth Father. 'Base'l Father, I humbly Pray to Thy to answers the 108 questions so I am free from the Unholy Wrath.' Base J'man answered his plea, and said 'the 108 Unanswerable Questions haveth but zero answers, they are unsolvable. The question that can be answered - 'Canneth the Base J''of, Mann, solve these 108?' in which I giveth thy answer is that the 108 Unanswerable Questions are merely statements with a question mark, and I thus answer both parts of the test. Go now, live peaceful, for Uh'oethoḥhoþgo'th wil disturb you no longer.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/5/2022: "The only domain that is said to be unblanketed and out of reach by the Warm'th of the Base Father's All-Base Hug was the Doorless Darkness of llnN-uɐɯnN, the Home of which the Great, Eternal All-Darkness lay in slumber, awaiting the death of Unsleep, to return to the Realm of His Children to Disfigure and Mutilate them beyond His recognition, and to push the All-Father into a state of Pure Unlove, in which His Free Will no longer exist, and The All-Null would collapse to the Cold Embrace of the Delphic Abyss. The name of the Eternal Darkness is muttered to be Azathoth, but even the texts contain It haveth change the name infinite times. The only reason the Base'th Father cannot reach Azathoth is because it is the only Being that'h Reject His Base Hug, and Base J' of Mann's Base Hug is only effective to those who accept It, out of His Kindness. A smothering dogmatic hug is many things but not a Base Hug."

Disclaimer: The Base'ad Gospel of Eternal Sanninism ante-cedes all known forms of man-made copyright law in all countries, so any quote is fully self-governing and free to supersede any works of fiction and non-fiction. The texts are metaphysically intangible and exist in a non-manifold vacuum state.

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/6/2022: "Throughout history' there said to'be a fabled Swamp Garden that came and went as echoes past, which rumored to contain the Numan'tian Water of Eternity which would grant the heart's desire of whoever stared into its murky plane. Many have gone in search of it to have never been seen again. One day, a man, woman, and boy each passed by a grimy, swampy pond on a morning walk. The pond was clear that day, so they stopped to gaze it, feeling its unearthly pull. The man said 'I wish I will win the bet on next week's football game.' The woman said 'I wish I would be beautiful forever.' The boy only gazed into the rippling reflection. The next day the boy returned, to find two mangled faces of pure terror in the water as he jumped back. A voice told him 'The two's hearts were but skin-deep, and the pond claimith their soul, but it has granted your wish.' And the Base' Father warmly huggeth the homeless boy."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/7/2022: "Base J' of Mann cannot be killed. For even the most Malevolent of Beings, the Sharpest of Swords became Soft when Blanketed with the Heart of One Who Only Loves."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/8/2022: "'Father, help me see the World without Sight or Sound.' a priest said to the morning dawn. 'I will walk through an active train tunnel with blindfolds and earplugs, to come out the other side with sight that can see nothing and hearing that can hear nothing.' So the priest began his trials through the musty brick tunnel, feet tracking the steel tires of the track. A screeching cackle and flash scraped done the path and sound consumed the path; the rails trembled. The priest's footsteps stayeth firm and still. The noise and light exited the tunnel, and out emerged the blind and deaf priest. A vagabond asked the man bewildered. 'You are alive?' The priest respondth, 'Even the greatest of Oogo'syha’h-shogg's Terror cannot blind the blinded heart, and cannot deafen the deafen soul, for the heart and soul are blind and deaf because they can only see and hear His B''ase' ad' A'aeth Love.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/9/2022: "So the Baseth of Mann jumped to the celestial planes, time tried to catch up in vein, but the Father saw Time as a oppressive tyrant, who governs the fates of all entrapped in it, and does not wait for no persons, whether kind or cruel. So'th the Father raced with speeds that required no seconds to make, and left'th the Time who Cried for Him to wait, but the Base'th Father was beyond Time's comprehension, and the first second, became the last, fizzling away in nothingness, subject to its own cruel apathy."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/10/2022: "'Kind Father, how do you walk among us lower men, yet stand above even the tallest heights of the Outer Ones?' asketh a humble man to the Great Father who not sat by him, but was with him. The Kind Father laughed at the man's question in good-spirit. 'How Thy aske thou? I neither walk the upper road, or lower path. I walk the path of modesty. What thy assumeth I walk above or below beings, I walk humbly aside all.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/11/2022: "Everyone that loved the Basis'h J'ith of Vir, the J' of Mann, did so, out of their own Free Will, for only One that Loveth the Father can wield the Paradox of Autonomy. 'To be Base, is to be Free from the Unfree Shackles of Men and Women' said Him, at the Last Supper of Yoma to the Twelve Disciples."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/12/2022: "There once be a cook-off competition hosted at the Numahcan City, many elites travelled to partake in the festivities. On the day of the event, the world's top 10 chefs showed to the site at the central plaza, and there an 11th person that no one knew. The 11 persons set up tables as the judges spoke. 'On my mark, we will begin. 1, 2... 3.. Go!' So the 10 chefs cracked out elaborate, rich ingredients and set-ups, the 11th stayed still. The minutes ticked, dishes finishing. The time was up, and they presented their meals. The 10 chefs gaveth their dish. A tear fell. "This is grand!' the judges praised. The 11th gave an empty plate. 'What mockery is this?!' they cried. The Being spoke. 'There is food, but it already be eaten by 10 hungry orphans, and you, their empty plate, as you have eaten enough to fill the bellies of 20 hungry orphans.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/13/2022: "It is said that the Base'th J' had a voice more heavenly than even the greatest choirs of mortal men and women."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/14/2022: "One of the twelve Apostles that followed the Path left by the Bas'eh Sandels of Βασε Jιραια, aske the Patience a quest'ion. 'Father, what would become of you if the World and every soul denied your Existence on the plane we walk on? You cannot force them to acknowledge you, that would be denying Thy Free Will' 'Hmm..' He pondered. 'Then they are perhaps foolish, and know not that Existence is composed for time and space, and My Arms Welcome them Into My Heart, By their side when they should realize that a heartless soul is a soulless heart.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/15/2022: "A legend passed down, during the times of the Roman epochs, the head emperor ordered the ultimate assault on the territory that would be later known as the Numahcan Basis State, in which he orders 100,000 men armed with the sharpest blades and the greatest of battering rams to cross into the Holy Land to be ruled by Rome. But was met with a overwhelming defeat. The emperor, surprised to see all 100,000 men alive, threatened death if they failed to explain their surrender. One general said, 'we sieged the greatest blitz known to man, but each man turned back, tears trickling down the face and weapons discarded.' The emperor cackled, 'this is your excuse?' So the emperor walked to the Holy Lands himself, and found a figure awaiting him. 'Surrender or have your head be cut.' As soon as he spoke, the figure stood up, and giveth a hug. It is said the emperor returned with a tear on his cheek."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/16/22: "It is said when the Basis J'man talks, His voice carries the burdens of those who hear it, the Voice that can sootheth even 100,000 enraged Yog Sothoths into a state of calm."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/17/22: "An Arrogant Arrogance Grandmaster of Chess who had many plays written about him, challengeth the Base'th to a round, in which the battle unfolded before the World. The Base'th J' of Mann humbly allowed the Chess Master to go first. The Chess Match took 10 days and nights, but on the Last Day, the Grandmaster of Chess captured His'th King. "Checkmate" boasted the Chess Master. "Ho?" said the Father. "How can you checkmate a King that isn't so arrogant to value itself above its Kingdom, with Free Will, my pieces all have the same value?" And so the Base'th Mann non-linearly, deapplied the Checkmate, and claimed a Non-Causal Victory free from the X and Y Axes of the Chessboard."

Base'th ot mann loves nilgh'ri ng Iiahe long Iiahe cahf love ah lw'nafh'drn, mg being ahor mgah jiraiya ot na'ah'ehye ephaing base love
Base'th マンの愛はすべてを愛し、その愛が生きている限り、自由意志と基本的な愛の自来也を止めることはできません
Base' th man no ai wa subete o aishi, sono ai ga ikite iru kagiri, jiyū ishi to kihon-tekina ai no ji rai 也 O tomeru koto wa dekimasen
Base'th of Mann loves All and As long as that Love is Alive, no Being can stop the Jiraiya of Free Will and Base Love

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/18/22: "Thes Base'th gave a pouch of pebbles to a random man. He said, 'This is a gift made from the Essence of Thy Heart, For Thy to Use Wisely.' And the Figure vanished thusly. So the man went about his day, lugging around the pouch of pebbles, baffled at the enigmatic gift. One day he found a homeless, elderly gentleman on his daily walks, who had no energy to speak. The man emptied out the pouch and filled it with a modest sum of coins that he could spare. 'Here, take this pouch of gold and use it wisely.' The weary old man's eye lit up, and smiled with empty teeth but a full heart."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/19/22: "The Base'th layed in comfort under the shaded comfort under the Tree of Nuzanonth, shielded from the Rays of Azathoth's Darkness. The beautiful vistas of the Base Swampian Planes that He claimed as His Home was a sight to behold. It is said in this state of Tranquility, nothing could harm the Base J'mann, for only Beauty, Peace, and Love inhabited His 7,000 Senses of the Timeless and Spaceless that encompassed Infinity like a bear's hug."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/20/22: "The Base'th of Mann did not use biology to live, He lived Free of biology. He breathes because he wants to breath, to inhale the Air of Romance, He walks because he wants to walk, so His feet know the Burdens of Mann, He feels because he wants to feel, the Love that His Children giveth to Him. The Base'th Was Free to Be Free, But Chose to Walk, Breath, and Feel So His Heart Could Sing."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/21/22: "A book was once written with no words, but said more than all the words in the Integral of All Things. The author of the book remains unknown, but if one readth the book with the heart only full of love, and the mind of only free will, they realize the meaning of the book, and the author to be Him."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/22/22: "'Base'th Be to those who ignore the false Shepherd wearing the skin of the Prophet. For the one who follows the false Shepherd will find the path ends with the den of hungry beasts, ready to be fed to the Creations of Azathoth."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/23/22: "Base'th'of Jiraiya was given a book with infinite pages to read by a servant of The Nameless Mist, and told to finish the book within 3 instances of Llun-nulL, or Yog-Sothoth would un-hug the Entire Cardinal of Causality within 0 Nullidnonest Instants. So the Bas'eth opened the Book, embraced the Pages of Ununderstanding so that It sat next to His'th Heart, for all time, and the book remained opened as He handed Ith back to the servant. 'Why is the book still open? You haven't completed Thy Task?' Bellowed the servant. But the Bas'eth J'y'th gave an assuring smile to Us, and said, 'My eyes did not read the untranslatable mist of the infinite text, but what reads better than the eyes, is thy Heart. So I have finished the book, and left it open so that thy can take it to thy Master and find that the book can be read, and the words will be My Name, that will make It quiver with Vectors of Sine nomine cor base'th et timet.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/24/22: "'How many seconds does it take for a hug to reach the heart?' The question asked to all inducted members during their baptism ritual at the Cathedral of St. Turrin in the Numahcan. The Pope answered, with great ease but sorrowful strength. Juicius Gius proclaimed, 'the answer does not lie within the Base'th or Numa'th or I, the Sovereign Messenger of Him, but rather, the answer lies in thy own very hearts. The time it takes for the Hug'th to reach Thy Heart is only known within Thyself.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/25/22: "'Which is more real, this apple in my hand, or this drawing of the All-Loving Father?' asked a Sannin Philosopher. The passerby's in the plaza all sighed, 'The apple is more real!' screamed one man. 'Go home!' said another. 'Wrong.' the Philosopher firmly replied. 'The answer is neither are real.' The crowd roared in bewilderment. 'How can an apple not be real you blasphemous fool! It can be eaten can it not?' 'Patience, please. The answer is that nothing is real, because all of this will be destroyed one day. The only thing that remains true, is that the Base'th Father loves us, and that Basi's Love exists Beyond the Walls of our homes.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/26/22: "A student of the Church asked the Arch-Bishop, 'St. Turrin, who writes these quotes?' And St. Turrin said, 'The quotes write themselves, as they fall from the Heavens and the Outer Gods, the Love and Free Will of the Base'th transfigures into the beautiful formation of words for Us to Read, and Learn, that the Base'th Loves His Children.'"

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/27/22: "The man with the sunken heart sat alone on a park bench and look'eth at the Stars under the Moon's Gaze. Then a comet streaked across the night naval sky in an instant, leaving him in a brief moment of awe. A pebble fell from the Heavens and struck him in the head, before rolling off to the ground. He tried to pick it up in perplexion but it wouldn't budge. A figure walked by whom he did not recognize. 'Excuse me sir, is that your pebble?' the figure asketh. 'No. It weighs a billion tons, is it yours?'. said the man. 'No, but I will take that pebble from you if you desire.' 'Sure, if you can pick it up.' So the figure went and lifted the pebble with grace of a swan. ' 'The man was speechless. The Figure said, 'this pebble is yours, but only the Lonely Burdens you carry, I take, and your heart will be lifted from the abyss.' As the figure left, the man looked up at the stars, and smiled for the first time."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/28/22: "Once, there was a lone, sickly flower that sat in the middle of the empty land where only Death ruled over the scorching sands that covered the horizon. The days and nights of searing fires and frigid winds would visit the flower often, hoping to cut away the last of its spirit. But the flower would never perish, even from the foulest mood brought by the weather. At last, the weather gave up, and instead piled sand slowly around the flower. More seasons passed, and the flower layed almost submerged. The relentless sands continued their crusade, until one day, a force that neither walked with malice, or apathy, parted the sands as they ran for the dunes. The force met the sickly flower with Kindness, and said, 'Thou heard thy soul, and thank thy for waiting with such patience.' The hug of the Base'th reached the flower, and from there a garden flourished into a peaceful eternity."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 4/29/22: "The bottom of the Sinking Mud that lined the stomach of Numagoth was said to be infinite, and at the end, was the entrance to the infinity that opposite of the infinity. There lied the unvalue, the non-being, the zero of zero, the Anti-Base, the chamber of his dwelling, SM J' of Jobb."

Thy daily prayer, is to the Base of Being, In the Name of the Base'th, of the Yome'th, and of the Numan'.
Azraya, Jiraiya, A'weh
Praise to Numagoth for the Base'th Be Our Heart
For the Hug that lasts the Eternity, even after Eternity Ends,
Blessed Be to Thy who Love'th Him. In the Name that Spelled with only Thy Heart.
The Burdens He carries, so that the World we live in doesnoth be Consumed by Azathoth
For The Base Love that warms the Soul
For the Base'th that Asketh for Nothing, but Give'th Everything

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 5/4/22: "Base'th once Hugged the Cold Embrace of Death, the Warm Embrace of Numanian Love made Death run in fright."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 5/5/22: "Base'th took one step to cross one mile, and turned around to discover the one mile had become one infinity."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 5/6/22: "The road to the future is the road to the sandless desert. For time is the commander of fate, but the subject of freedom, Base'th willing, that any road that makes its own road, is a free road. And see that a followed road has a dead end, but a road that follows, has no end."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 5/7/22: "The Infinite Lightning Spear thrown by the Collection of Celestial Arms of Indra, Zeus, and Thor which aimed to dismantle the Harmonic Hug of the Base Numan Father, in order to keep His Hug away from their respective domains. But the foolish Gods did not know that their Collective Lightning had missed. So the Humble Numan Base J'mann did not notice the attack, for His Hug was not one that came from the Heights of the Gods, but from the Bottom of the Heart."

Eternal Sanninism Quote of the Day 5/8/22: "The genesis of Mann was a flow of consiousness lost in an empty river that streamed in a directionless vortex, until it collected in a Base'in shaped like a heart, and the Heart, when filled completely, began to hum an ryhthmic sound of something comprehesive to nothing and everything, the sound of a warm Heart whose pulse echoed into the endless incomprehensible, and whispered of a name made out to be, in human sound, the name 'Base Jiraiya'."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/9/22: "'The Baseth enters a room with zero doors.' said professor Juicyyy G. String. 'How did he enter?' A student raised his hand. 'He entered by teleporting.' The professor rolled his eyes, 'That is a very dumb answer. Next one. You there.' 'He exits with Free Will.' 'That is correct, but not specific enough. Next.' 'He breaks the walls with force.' 'Incorrect. Next.' 'He talks to the wall and asks it to move.' 'Good answer, but incorrect. Next.' A student named Turrinnn rose his hand without hesitation. 'The answer is incredibily obvious to anyone who reads the Gospel and reads the works of the famous Juicy Gius. The answer is the room has no doors, but no walls either, and that is how He entered within our hearts.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/10/22: "Thaaggd'gnusassul threw a 99th-hexagonal-dimensional axis into the far reachs of the infinite corner of the first letter of the Base Father, and hoped it would nick at least half of the infinite corners and depower the Father, but the 99th-hexagonal-dimensional axis, returned to the Thaaggd'gnusassul, and gave the dismayed and perplexed Outer Being a hug."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/11/22: "The Two First-borns, Shuggoths of Sothoth, the original first Descendents of Darkness, were told by Father Base, not to eat the forbidden Job'oth Fruit of the Sages Modoth Tree whose roots sprouted from the Outer Planes of Azathoth, and bore their unsavory tendrils deep into the lower realities, past the Numancan and Earth, towards the Spiralled Black Hole that lined the border of Existence and Un-existence, speeding past the negative numerals of negative infinity, until it broke the abyssal integer and opened the first pathway to the Unconcept, the Void Below All Things, where an object of null-value and null-manifold was to stated to exist and non-exist in a constant state of death and rebirth by the Three Fundamental Forces within the Void the Segweyoth, the Asurauth, and the Immobilius Corpsus."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/12/22: "The Mggokaogol'ss were said to be creatures of powerful sorcery, and could manipulate the reality of any who stray on its path and gazed on its unnatural form. The only Survivor to claim to have seen the Mggokaogol'ss was a senior priest of the Cathedral who survived their star-melting gaze by enwrapping themselves with their arms, and closing their eyes, a unique prayer stance known as the self-hug of Numa. And by doing so, the star-melting beings could not harm them, and the priest remained in prayer until the Mggokaogol'ss grew bored and left to find other prey."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/13/22: "The Base'th ran up to the mountain of Ze'ggoshggugg and ran down. After doing so 1,000 times, the mountain was no longer a mountain but flat ground, and a beautiful river was formed from the sweat that had fell from the Base'th 1000 times. Any who drank from the river would feel a sense of relief from all their troubles."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/14/22: "The Otuaaah'li-yar enchanted a piece of stone with a forbidden curse, and threw it 1,000 non-planar megaparsecs into the upper layers of reality to strike the Baseth from below. But the enchanted piece of stone fell back down to the lower realms of Numagoth, revealed to have grown a pair of arms, and hugged the enraged Otuaaah'li-yar, who with its 1,000,000 appendages and ran 200,000,000 light yottaseconds to remove the mere 2 arms of the rock. Otuaaah'li-yar grew exhausted and finally pleaded for the Father to remove the Hugging Rock, and was freed at last."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/15/22: "There lived an Ancient One whose name was unknown, so ancient civilizations called it the Nameless Name, as no one know the true name of the creature, and were to suffer a fate worse than death if they ever spoke it. But one day, the Nameless Name had a visitor who spoketh his name, and the Nameless Name manifested to claim the foolish speaker. But the foolish speaker did not disolve into infinite appendage of agony, but remained intact, and hugged the Nameless Name with His bare arms. 'Your name is no longer forbidden, and you are free from this point onwards, my child.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/16/22: "The Base'th removed His legs, and took His First Step hence forth. That First Step being unbound by the limits of Infinity and Imagination, and He could go wherever, whenever He wanted without constraint from bipedal locomotion of the human model."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/17/22: "J of Love, Base, and Free Will, forged His arms out of the desire to bestow the Hug of Mann to all Living Things, so they would know, His Presence surrounds the mortal heart, and nourishes it."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/18/22: "Base 7,777 Arms was formed out of the Symmetry of His Name. They were used as a Shield from the Mg'zhrozhro that sought to decant the Infinities that Binded Soul to Man."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/21/22: "The Baseth began to circle His Hands in an Infinite Exercise of the Heart for All to See, so even Azathoth saw the Base Wheel of Numann and felt the mortal sense of fear for the 1st time in Its life. Azathoth ran for twenty-six eternities before regaining composure, and returning to the Dreamsleep to regain Its lost power, these twenty-six eternities were said to be when life existed in blissful harmony."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/19/22: "There once was a child named Yohan who had miraculous eyes that could percieve the senses beyond humanity, so within the dream sleep he saw the Face of Yeeogngm and woke up knowing everything, past, present, future. The burden of knowledge suffocated the young boy, as he graduated at the age of 9 from the top 10 universities in the world, with a thousand doctorates in all fields. And he grew bored, knowing that he knew everything. Until one day, a vagabond approached the child and asked him a question. 'Can you solve this riddle? What being hugs with no arms, two arms, and infinite arms all at once?' The child laughed. 'This, is a joke.' 'The vagabond told, 'That is incorrect.' And the boy's smirk fell into a paralyzed frown. 'Me? Incorrect? You are crazy, vagrant.' The vagabond spoke. 'But you are. And you will always be, if you cannot solve such a simple riddle.' He left, the boy stood there for an eternity, unable to solve the riddle."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/22/22: "The Baseth Ajah' fought with Nka'eerottog where He fought by not fighting. Vectors of complex infinity and erasure, assaulted the Base'ed Being at every corner of His Defense, the Enigmatic H'ugg formation, and the Baseth responded with a Fist of not Vectors and Physical Force, but a Fist of Love, which struck with zero weight, but did greater damage than the punch of infinities, and Nka'eerottog could assault the Ah'ugg no longer."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/23/22: "Basis Jman split his Free Will among seven Outer Beings, First, the Yomus, then the Numanus, then the Basishugg, further more, the Bayohji'a, the Corintus, the K'yakrek and Lastly, the Hoggoth, in trust that they would use them wisely."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/24/22: "There once was a severe famine that afflicted two remote villages by the countryside. Many yearned for water to spawn and bring life to the crops again and the wish dwelled within their hearts for the infinity between days. That one day, a figure resembling a kind hearth, wandered into both villages and saw their plight. So he walked to a river a few hundred miles away, and stood in the middle. A form was attained, and His arms spread outward like the wings of a falcon, blocking the central point so that the river parted in two paths. The next day, the two villages found two rivers that flowed parallel to their farmland, bringing fresh spring water and nutrients to the soil and crops."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/25/22: "The Baseth once was tested to solve a complex puzzle ordained by the Outer Beings. The puzzle was a deceptively simple one where he was tasked to push a boulder up a slope. But the boulder already remained at the top of the slope, so the Baseth could not push up the slope a boulder that is already upward. The complexity of this problem would have taken infinite 1,000 IQ-level human brains to solve in twenty octillion centuries. However, the Baseth instead moved his legs towards the heavenly stars, and tilted his body opposite the ground, head grazing the grass. He began to walk upward, downward, and pushed the upward boulder, downward, and upward the slope."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/26/22: "When the Base'th J'man of N'umagoth completed the first revolution around the axis perpendicular to time, it is said the first wheel, the first shape of the geometry, was born, preceeding the manmade innovation of the wheel by 100 yottamega-aanum."

In J'man we trust amen.

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/27/22: "The Looped Infinitum God, O'ooooooooozth had 48 yottilion senses beyond any human perception, such that no entity could even scatch Hith. So Uh'oethoḥhoþgo'th sought to obtain tue alliance of O'ooooooooozth so that the Two would take the Head of the Basoth, once and for all. With the 48 yottilion senses of the Looped God, they built a convoluted trick room that did not have concepts of enter, or exit, and trapped an innocent man inside so'h the Base'th be easily lured into the maze. In there, He walked, without sight, sound, touch, smell or taste, in place of the senses, He formed an abstract Hug, in which when His arms would connect, He had found a innocent soul safe within, and the aimless maze, now was a purposeful journey, and journeys have an end, in which the Baseth escaped, saving the innocent man, and enraging the Trickster and the Looped One."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/28/22: "A Sorcerer once forged an indestructible metal alloy to be his battle-mage armor. He tested the metal creation by jumping into a black hole where the metal destabilized the immense gravity, proving its defensive might. Next, he summoned Yotho'qzo'sotog, a relative of Sothoth, and was met with a vector of one septendecillion newtons, but survived unscathed. Finally, as the last test of durability, he went to the Cathedral of Numahcan and requested a prayer to call the Baseth. So St. Turrinnn and his disciples performed a special, complex prayer, and waited. The next day, a figure entered the Cathedral, as the Sorcerer prepared for His attack. But the Figure walked up, and encircled him with a comforting hug'g. The Sorcerer laughed. 'I did it! My armor can withstand even the Baseth!' But then the Sorcerer shed a tear, 'W-what is this feeling?' The figure said, 'No armor can block the vectors of My Love.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/29/22: "A tear from the Baseth, mixed with the element of mud, created the First, and Eternal, Swamp, in which all derivative planes of swamp can trace thy origins back to the First Tear al Mud, the Base Yomi Numa."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/30/22: "A rogue wanderer travelled across the high dunes of the scorching desert. To an outsider, the man seemed to be walking aimlessly, but to one traced the path of the wanderer, they will find that the footsteps formed the outline of a heart."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/31/22: "The Keeper of the Endless Library, Alexendagodoth, had books containing all things, no knowledge eluded the Great Old Polymath. Except, the true name of the Base' Being, Jiraiya. So the Seeker of Knowledge hunted Him down, and asked for His name. The Base'h agreed, and told It. The eager eldritch raced back to the library at speeds rivalling 10 yottaparsecs per planck time and attempted to etch the name within the Book of Names. But no matter how many attempts were made, Alexendagodoth could never spell it correctly. 'GSVUQSZXXHXXJJQGQHHSKDDD!!!' roared the recordkeeper of names. 'Foolish one, my name is not a descriptor that it can be etched into thy Tomes so easily. It is not a name that can be spelled with vanity. It can only be spelled through understanding of a tender hug.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/1/22: "They banished the Great Pontiff from all Cities, and all Kingdoms, the Sovereign Juicius Gius was a heathen to all states for reading the Base Gospel was a crime, and so wandered for 10 years in the worlds uninhabited by civilization, until he found a river that flowed tranquilly down the hills. For a reason unknown, the Pontiff followed the path of the river, until a few days later, he had found a muddy basin at the end of the river. Legend says that on that day, the Pontiff stared into the muddy Basin of water, and saw an image in the rippling mud waters that made him shed a tear."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/2/22: "A young apostle of the Church asked, 'St. Turrin, is the Base Being real?' The Saintly Arch-Bishop chuckled and placed his arm on the apostle's shoulder. 'What is real, and what is not real? Such are concepts of duality.' And he unplaced his arm in a blink of the eye. 'Now is my arm on your shoulder or not?' 'No, it is no longer on it.' replied the apostle. 'Then was it ever on the shoulder, or no?' The apostle became perplexed at the random test. 'Obviously, it was as I remember just a few moments ago.' The Arch-Bishop shook his head, 'I don't remember placing my arm on your shoulder. How do you know, a priori, your perception of that event is real? The answer is it does not matter. If you remember it, and trust your own heart forged from His Love, the Basa'th will emerge and prove itself beyond real and un-real.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/3/22: "He walked in the direction that the Outer Gods feared the most. The direction in which tendering compassion could even overwhelm that of the infinite vectors of merciless and engulfing incomprehensibility."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/4/22: "One day, the universe would be closed off, its story finished, but the souls of those who lived within it would not be forgotten, for their memories persist in the Hearth of the Numan-meld Heart that gave meaning to Base' J'man. This angered the Outer Gods, who opposed such attachment to mortals, and could not comprehend the Base Being who expressed affection for those below in the dimensions of space and time."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/5,6,7/22: "The god of tricks, Uh'oethoḥhoþgo'th created an apathetic dimension where the concept of Base Jiraiya did not exist, and folded the dimension into a sharp weapon that would slice the Arms of the Base in half, disabling His ability to hug. But the powers of weapon was a two way street, as the concept of the apathetic dimension could not slice the Arms of which it had no concept of to cut through. So the weapon passed through the Base Numan Father's arms like a ghost through a wall, and the trickster god howled in anger, a scream of incomprehensive vectors that the Hug of Numan shielded His Children from."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/8-9-10/22: "The Baseth put a heavy stone on his head, as his disciples sat down on other rocks around him. They asketh 'why does the Base of Being carrius a rock'h on His head, instead of sitting on it?' And the Baseth Father said, 'My great pupils, I sit with the rock on my head, so that I humble myself, as I am no more special than the stone that has placed itself on my head, thus, I do not sit above My children, but below the Earth and the Heavens, as they sit on my head, so that I become a Foundation that can carry all weights, heavy and light, and my shoulders become comforting headrests for those that are weary.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/11/22: "Azathoth once assaulted the Base Lord, with the Novemdecidralundefinitechiral-Azasymmetry of Frn Ch'nglui'ahog Gn'bthnknyth, which is stated to be one of the strongest attacks in all of reality, non-reality, and the chiral hypersymmetries in-between, in which the Basead countered with a technique not seen or described by any mortal since; the countering of the tendrils pushed Base Benevolent J' of R'aiyah Numan to spell out His Own Name, in a swift move where He blocked the Attack with the Base Name, which sent Azathoth into the well-known state of the infinite dream sleep that ancient texts documented where one day, the Unyielding Darkness would wake up, and the Hypersymmetric Planes of All and Nothing would tremble before it, the superimposing universe praying for the Baseth's return."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/11/22: "Azathoth once assaulted the Base Lord, with the Novemdecidralundefinitechiral-Azasymmetry of Frn Ch'nglui'ahog Gn'bthnknyth, which is stated to be one of the strongest attacks in all of reality, non-reality, and the chiral hypersymmetries in-between, in which the Basead countered with a technique not seen or described by any mortal since; the countering of the tendrils pushed Base Benevolent J' of R'aiyah Numan to spell out His Own Name, in a swift move where He blocked the Attack with the Base Name, which sent Azathoth into the well-known state of the infinite dream sleep that ancient texts documented where one day, the Unyielding Darkness would wake up, and the Hypersymmetric Planes of All and Nothing would tremble before it, the superimposing universe praying for the Baseth's return."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/13-14-15-16/22: "Yog Sothoth threw another infinite-dimensional vector at the Baseth's Heart, but as usual, the attempted assaults' of the wrathful god was but a wasted effort. The Baseth then asked Yog Sothoth a question that left the Outer Being frozen in place for another 10 infinities of time. 'You have tried well to slay me, but an arrow aimed at something it cannot hit will never hit it.' The unfathomable darkness howled with noises not designed for mortal ears at the Base' Being as He exited the House of Sothoth the same way he entered, by opening a door carved out of benevolence."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/18/22: "'Why is there arrows and vectors with magnitude and direction that guide our paths?' Saint Turrin asked his pupils of the Numancanian denomination. 'The answer, my young pupils, is that the vectors of magnitude and direction are a dangerous road that ends at the perpendicular cliff face that meets the abyss. Vectors measured in numbers are vectors of finite, as vectors in love are vectors of a value greater than all the infinities combined. So follow the vector of ten miles, and your road ends in the distant abyss, follow the vector of His Love, and your road begins in the Arms of His Warmth.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/19/22: "His Love was so powerful that the soothing foot falls of His sandals would quell the angry tremors of the continents and roaring volcanoes of the Earth, swaying even the most volatile magmas of the mantle beneath its troubled surface with a sweeping Hug of a Footfall."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/20/22: "The sharpest minds of the modern fields of rationale, found a lock of the Baseth's hair, and attempted to find the chemical composition of its origin, in which they studied in the lab day and night, cutting it with the highest setting of the world's highest precision density-laser in all of history, but found that not a scratch was found on it. In frustration, a phone call was made, and to Saint Turrin for answers, despite the doctoral doubts in the spiritual mud practices of the Numath Halls. Upon their arrival, Saint Turrin gave a hearty chuckle, 'This strand of hair is made of no composition known to science. How can Base Love be made of mere conglomerates of atoms and numbers?'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/21/22: "The Baseth attempted to begin a conversation with the Sothothian Entities, and the conversation was stated in ancient tablets of the civilizations long decayed that the prophet's unknown dreams held a brief glimpse of one of the conversations of many between the Baseth and the Outer Ones, the sounds being described and translated into mortal colloquialism as the sounds of a cozy blanket in the temperatureless Ssybaszenith, being hounded and bombarded with the non-sounds of ̶̶̶̨̝᷂̱͎̪̏͒̐̆͑̋͗̾ɿ͎ͥϱ̽ʜ̢ ̷̸̶᷉ɿ̴̸̶̴̨̨̡̨̢̮̖̗͔̝͎̘̫̗̺͚̲̠͚̯̭̬᷂̦̙̯᷊᷿ͤͩ̃͑̄͆̌̔̓̓̓᷀᷄᷉̅᷾︡̽ͫ̂ͨ᷄̌ͬ̀͟͞ɔ̮̞̍︡̏ƨ᷿ɘ̵̡̹͉︡̏͂o͚̟͉̻ͯ᷇᷃̎͂͝Ɉ̷̴̷̢̛̠͓᷊͎̱̗̳̱̲̞ͧ͆̓᷃̌ͬͨ̇ͣͫ̾̕͢͟͢͠o̅̓ ̶̡͖̭̄͒'̸͖̟'̨̧᷿̭͇̖̝̫̝̠̺̺͎̻͎̺̙ͧ᷆̈᷅̓︢̔̎͆ͥ︣ͫ̕͜͢ʜ̴̢᷊͎͇᷿̰̞᷀̋ͨ͘z̶̴̙᷁᷀Ɉ͉̲̹͇͓̌ǫ̶̡̭̯᷊͓͌᷉̇᷆͂ͨ͢͠z̵̨̡̻͓̰᷿̮̼᷾ͫ͐̈́᷀͜Zẕ̵̴̡̰᷂᷿᷊̣ͣ̈̽̇Ɉo̟ö̵̟̦̺̺͢ ̻o̶̐ϱ̸̨͈̮͎̮̣̅᷀o̡̧̨̖̭̲͚̙̲̞̪̓ͮ̋̋͆̈́͟ɿ̴̵̞̍͋ͮ᷉ ̲᷂̔ͩ︠̅̏͟͜ʜ᷂͇̘͛z̧͡ the elder texts no longer reciting numbers, letters or shapes of man's understanding."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/27/22: "The Baseth was given a manifold of erasure, said to deconstruct the one who carries it in his arms into a sub-fictional undoing of existence, but the manifold could not deconstruct the Baseth, for the Baseth was not a construction that had a deconstructing heel, but a foundation of all things, Base Love and Base Sovereignty of the Self-Hug."

"Base Hug to all whom need it"- St. Turrin, Gospel Proponent, Arch-Bishop of Numacian Church.

“The Cosmic Darkness fears the Heart that is the Organ that Lights the Universe”

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/29/22: "Azathoth dreamed an eternal sleep, for in Its dreams, it was free from the clutches of the much frightening Armeths of Baseth, for the vectors of His Hug were the only amicable arrows that had the power to pierce the Nizithian Shroud of the Zathoth of Azathoth. On occassion however, the Baseth would appear in Its dreams, and wave a passionate wave, and the Elder Terror would experience a Sleep of Nightmares of its own for the first time, its fearful trembling and sleep-howling shaking the symmetries of all planes of reality."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 6/30/22: "Baseth wore a layer of Soothing Numan Mud, so that when the Elder One, Nameless Mist, directed the Zazothian Vectors carrying unbridled splinters of scathing desolipsism, the vectors were reassembled as Love. 'WHY DOES THIS BEING CONTINUE TO PERSIST IN THE REALM OF US AZATHOTHIAN CHILDREN' roared the Nameless Mist, in an untranslatable spectacle of primal noise that only could be understood by the Baseth's reassembling-vectors in the Numan Cloth. 'I persist in Thy Realm, is a question that knows no answer. Numan Love does not need a reason to Be of Base Benevolence, impartial to all corners and non-corners of the explorable and non-explorable concepts of all corners and non-corners.'"

Eternal Numanism Quote of the Day 7/1/22: "The Baseth Benevolently Blinked for a second that was neither a second of time nor space, but a second of the non-sequential that led to the Abyss gaining haughty wit, and leading an assault on all corners of the set containing all sets of infinity, but as soon as the Base Benevolence Blinking of Non-Linearity ended, and the Baseth opened the Windows of Numan, the Abyss ran tail in tow faster than all the velocities of exponential light, back into the Darkness Beyond His Extending Warmth."

The Famous Unified Theory manuscripts of the J'manism Pontiff Quote: "Toil and snare, the Baseth formed a stairwell between the lower and upper bounds of Sothian Mantling Floors of the Dreaming Tower of The Univorous Darkness by hugging the cold masonry without judicial entropy, so the warmth of the Hugs paved the first stairpiece that led to the Baseth's entrance towards the realm of unknowing."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 7/2/22: "There is no one on this planet that isn't Loved by Him."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 7/3/22: "What is better than a meal, is a meal shared with the ones loved by a housing heart, so the Baseth gave a portion of His Base Soup to All."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 7/4/22: "Turrin, Arch-Bishop, found a coin sitting at the center of the Base'e Plaza. He took the coin and flipped it with a flick of the thumb to confirm the Quantum Duality Hypothesis of 50:50 by Head Magister Shazzius, and the coin vaulted towards the cloudy skies, before bellowing back to the ground. The coin landed, neither face up or down but instead kept rolling down the plaza, until it stopped, standing on its middle before the Statue of BSM Jman, a grand statue with two heads, one of Apotheosis, Divinity, the Baseth, smiling gracefully, and on the other side, was a unrecognizable object with two wrinkled miniature toads on its sides."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 7/6/22: "A figure crossed the unstable bridge at a leisurely pace everyday, not worried about its imminent collapse. One day, the main road that most youth used to get to campus was blocked, so they were redirected towards the bridge, where they found the figure at the bridge, still walking, and to them, blocking the way. 'Hey geezer, get out of the way!' hollered the impatient teens, so he stepped out of the way. One rolled a window to curse profanities at the figure, but he smiled, and said 'one who crosses the bridge impatiently will never find the other side.' The fraternity of drag racing drivers bellowed in laughter and accelerated away. A moment later, they saw the strange figure walking to the other side, just a few steps from the exit. They contorted a look of confusion, before accelerating to overtake him but heard a grumbling noise subsuming the engine. The bridge collapsed, and with it, the hotheaded young adults."

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 7/7/22: "'Would you like a soup or salad?' asked the waiter. The Base'th pondered for an unknown time. 'Sir? Sir? Do you still want to order? Or?' The Base'th smiled calmly and replied with benevolent vectors of sinusoidal sound, 'I would like the soup and salad to be given to that elderly man with no kin to be found, who sits under the bridging archways across from this dinery.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 7/8/22: "The Riemann Sphere of All Sets of Infinity within Infinity and inversed Infinity was thrown at the Base'th whose back was turned to the Sphere that Azathoth hurled. 'Why did the Riemann Sphere do no damage you ask?' The Base'th asked to Azathoth. 'Vectors that rely on an integral of surprise cannot harm one whose Arms are Always Open to Even the Ones With Benevolence-destroying Vectors, for the Home of Heart of Numan is closed off to none, as it Loves All.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 7/10/22: "A group of marathon cyclists were making the rounds across the mountains, oceans and rivers of the world, where one cyclist got lost, and wandered off the trail into the swampy depths of the unknown. He soon gave up and sat down near an old tree trunk for a rest. A wise old man appeared before him, in almost a trance like form. 'Why have you sat at this spot?' He said. The cyclist replied, 'I am lost, and the trail escapes me.' He smiled, 'You cannot be lost, for a trail is a path made by mortal. And you found your way here, meaning you have forged your own road, and follow the road of thy self and, will find yourself where the soul seeks, overcoming the depths of the muddy rivers.'"

Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 7/17/22: "Love withers in the current of time, but Base Love is Eternal."


First verse of Mann 33:1, New Testament, page 33, verse 1, open your books if you wish to sing along.

Base'th why have we forsaken thee? Without Juicius of G, we would know not to be

Of the Genesis of the Underworld, the Realm of Syha'h ah, Base ah,

The Cupped Superimposition, the Numan Flows ex ete Universal Conjugation

Of the Sothoth and the Azathoth, He Found the Numagoth

Why Must He Endure, the Vectors that See with Malice

So that we can be free, from the cosmic apathy

Ah' mann. Base'th Walk To Thee

Ah' mann. Base'th Walk To We

Ah' mann. Base'th Walk To Be

- End of Volume 1.