Finally I'm inspired to make an essay about my love for SasoDei, we have the master of puppets: Akasuna no Sasori and his partner in crime, the outgoing blond with explosive clay: Deidara.

How did I get involve with the pairing? Yaoi has never been my taste, but that all soon changed when I began appreciating the artwork and fanfictions about certain yaoi couples. So what does this have to do with Sasori and Deidara?

Simple, it happened when I stumbled upon this beautiful picture of them kissing and it just hooked me on to this interesting pairing. Deidara and Sasori are both masters of art because they both have a unique way to express their art.

Sasori lived a horrible life as a child because he was alone; loneliness made him create puppets that looked just like his parents, but even he knew it wasn't the same as the real thing. Loneliness struck him and it made him bitter maybe even misunderstood, betrayed Sunagakure and killed the Kazekage and turned him into a puppet. Sasori even made himself into a puppet, but not entirely though...

For he still had something inside him, even if his appearance was plain wood I believe he had something inside him. A soul, that inner child that lost his parents and felt lonely all the time he felt darkness around him, no happiness only emptiness.

And now Deidara, going back to his past we noticed that he seems to be this lively character. Alwaying ending his sentences with an "un" and with his famous quote "Art is a bang!" as he loves to describe his clay art to be. Deidara's one odd person because of his hands, there's mouth in his palms and they're used to create to his explosive clay.

Deidara's first encounter with Akatsuki didn't go so well as Itachi easily used his Mangekyou Sharingan on him which made Deidara lose and force to join. This is also the first time we notice Sasori annoyed with Deidara's speech about his art being the best. Perhaps Sasori thought that there wasn't anyone like him?

Makes you wonder why these two are a little similar because of their passion for art maybe? Or because they might have understood each other, besides why would Deidara refer to Sasori as "Sasori-danna"? Danna means boss; master, but it call also mean husband. That depends how he's saying it, you never know:wink

I love these two together because they have respect for each other even if at first they didn't get along so great, even in the manga Sasori seemed troubled with Deidara around, but I think he was better with Deidara being his partner. After all, Orochimaru was Sasori's ex-partner and who knows what Sasori felt about him.

What I've always wanted to see was Deidara looking at Sasori's dead body, I've always wanted to see Deidara at least take one good look of Sasori's dead body. I'm curious to see his reaction because unlike the other Akatsuki, Deidara seems to show his feelings quite frequently. Everyone else has this cold expression on their faces.

Deidara seems to be the only lively and energitic member because for his love of his clays. Sasori and Deidara make an awesome team though, even though Sasori didn't tolerate Deidara's obnoxious and spunky attitude I think Sasori was still able to cope with him. Plus their artwork is fascinating and beautiful, not to mention outrages.

Fanfics of them are angsty, but beautiful as well. Some smutty, but a lot romantic details in it, which SasoDei so interesting as a yaoi coupling. I love these two together because as said, they make an awesome team and I think they were able to connect each other as artists and maybe even something more...:)