So today I sat home and watched 2 episodes of The Greed of Man.


A classic 1993 television series from TVB (the major television station of Hong Kong) that focused on the stock market with a feuding family among other drama involved, it is arguably one of the top 10 ten Hong Kong television series of all time and certainly #1 in my books. I've watched a strong variety of Hong Kong television series as I grew up watching it. A modicum of 60's and 70's series, some 80's classic, numeorus 90s, and even the crappy series of the new millenium, although in recent years I've stopped watching do to declining quality.

If anyone wants to get into Hong Kong TV series, I suggest watching this one. Even people who are not interested in the stock market will enjoy watching it. Its a very emotional and drama heavy series with some light moments from time to time. The actors and actresses are all renowned and talented. Most of them were popular at the time or became popular much later: Sean Lau, Michael Tao, Adam Cheng, Vivian Chow, Bowie Lam, Lolette Lee, Amy Kwok, Lau Chung Yen, Yammi Lam & if you look closely at the beginning episodes, you'll see Leila Tong as a child actress.

The series was so influential that it spawned the Ding Hai Effect (click on wiki link to read more), which basically states that whenever Adam Cheng (who was the main psycho antagonist) stars in a new series, the stock market experiences a sudden drop.

Its so awesome, I don't even want to provide a synopsis in fear of me accidentally spoiling scenes and then crying over my keyboard thinking about some of those scenes. It makesme cry everytime I watch it and I normally avoid crying during any type of films, television series, etc. However, the emotional scenes aren't done in a manipulative and sappy sort of way.

So yes, anyone interested in watching some classic Hong Kong TV series should really start with this one, its one of the best ever.