First my roommate Jerry gave me a lift to BWI, and I walked around a bit. Got a ride with Bay runners shuttle. I completely disguised myself with a scarf, hoodie and shades. Then give mark the Broken DVD case. He was starting to freak out, but then the "I'm a winner" Ribbon qued him in a bit. Then he introduced me as his best friend, which I am, but my ego gets hungry sometimes.
Well, we fucked around a bit then left. He came over late and we played this wonkey slashing RPG game, Untold legends until about 5.
In the morning we played some Warhawk and he headed to practice with his new band, Debbie does dallas, I still think it should be the other way around. So, I cleaned in my room a bit.

That night I dicked around with something, played some AMVs and went to bed early.

I woke up a bit late the next morning and ate an omelet quesadilla. Mom and I ran to Sams to get lots of great food. And we started cooking up a steak for that night. Then, Rachel called and told be it was her birthday. So, I ran out after dinner and joined the little party. It was pretty good, and I got to hear about how exiting their campus were. And how elisa was always drunk. Still no Bola, Cristian, or Magob in town.

Woke up a bit late the next day. Then I downloaded the pics from ss because my subscription was going to run out that day. I was a bit concerned about the Red and green sparkles on my Plasma TV, but I still may need to call sams or someone. Well, it's not a biggie anyhow.
That night we went to see National Treasure 2, and it was an excellent adventure puzzle movie. Unfortunately mark disappeared when he said we would hang out, but I visited Melinda's anime club and it was a good crew there.

Now we are getting a slow start on decorating the tree and painting balls.