I've noticed that I am enamored with reality. Since I have not experienced it, I constantly seek the real world. I am not, in fact, escaping to the online world. I am trapped here. I'm sure a few who are close to me are familiar about my bitching about no social life and myriad of Catch-22 excuses. But I'm not going to get into that here. I'm just going to muse about my fascination with reality. Unlike many who try to escape the real world, I'm constantly trying to run into it. Though I haven't exactly found my angle of entry, I still keep pushing at it. I have spent my life viewing the world through my TV. Not through interactions with friends or family, but that lifeless light emitting box has been there to teach me the ups and downs of life all in the span of convenient 30-60 minute increments.

To be honest, if I just get my elementary school mojo back I'll be partying in no time. I just need to take it slow. Ease back into things. Get a job. Have a cash flow. Walk up and down the street.