"Walk Away"

Searching my heart for the things I would say,
I wrote you with fervent passion that day.

I hoped you'd write back but to my dismay,
You never thought twice on words I relay.

Waiting I sit and laughing you stay,
Just call me a prick and walk away.

"The Greatest Pain"

There was a time long ago my thoughts drifted away,
I thought I knew the greatest pain but didn't 'til this day.

No slings no arrows or wounds in flesh can compare in the end,
To the pain of losing love and friendship from that one closest friend.

The greatest pain in memory that weighs your heart like lead,
Is the lack of simple things to say, the words gone unsaid.

You try to make things right again but lead to your downfall,
No more words escape those lips, that's the greatest pain of all.

"The Journey"

You came to me at this journey's start,
It started friendly but you captured my heart.
I foolishly hoped we could make things work out,
I came to see you, my mind racing with doubt.
My time there was wonderful, however brief,
I went home in tears, overcome with grief.

Unsure of our future we agreed to stay friends,
For whatever the reason, that came to an end.
I tried to reach out and make my amends,
You denied me so now to Hell I descend.
While all remnants of this relationship ends,
My journed of heartbreak just barely begins.

"Poems from the Heart"

I used to write you poems which portrayed how I felt,
So full of love and hope and of feelings you dealt.
I wrote of your beauty, your charm, and your grace,
I wrote of my feelings, my thoughts through this chase.
Chasing my romance which you had then fashioned,
Describing my fondness with all of my passion.
I poured out my heart to see this all through,
I offered to move closer just to be with you.

All these things I freely gave,
But you refused and I felt betrayed.

I still write you poems up to this day,
But now they no longer feel the same way.
My love is now sour my hope turned to fear,
Beautiful still, charm and grace disappear.
My feelings, my thoughts, filled up with despair,
What I once chased is now just thin air.
My passion and fondness are now turned away,
All I feel now is a bitter dismay.
My heart is now empty, broken and dry,
No more love or warmth, too wounded to cry.
Just do me one favor, I beg no delay,
Just tell me you hate me, and have a nice day.

These are the poems of the week, so far. I hope you all enjoy them. It took me a while to compile such a bold collection of heart-warming poetry, so you better like it!