Have you ever been to comicbookresources.com? No? Lucky you.

They have a forum called "Comic Book Rumbles" (although it's a bit of a misnomer, since about 90% of the threads there involve anime/manga).

Anyway, it seems like a fun place at first, but don't let that fool you - it's full of retards, and the moderators are some of the most tyrannical on the internet. Their rules are incredibly stupid too.

An example of a typical debate on CBR -

Me: Character A would do B to win
CBRtard: I've never seen Character A do that! Prove it!
Me: Okay, *posts scan*
CBRtard: That's just one time! It's PIS and SMvFL!
Me: Okay, here are some more scans *posts them*
CBRtard: Hey, you're breaking the rules! Reported!
CBR mod: You're not allowed to post more than 3 scans in one thread. You're banned.

Seriously. That's a rule there.:arg

Another thing are the utterly retarded "mod rulings". Basically what it means is that the moderators on CBR have the right to declare what is canon and what isn't, and make judgements that, for the purposes of debating on the board, overrule the canon events and statements of the actual franchise owners. For example, they have declared all of the Star Wars EU non - canon (despite the fact that Lucasfilm says it is). In addition, they can make determinations about certain characters, as in what they can and can't do.

If the mods say that a character can't fly faster than light, for example, then that's suddenly "The Truth" on all CBR boards. Even if you prove a mod ruling wrong with scans, it still stands, and you get banned just for arguing against it.

In addition, the debaters there are complete idiots. This is a summary of an actual debate my brother had over at CBR before he was banned:

My brother: Star Wars has planetary shield technology
CBRtard: Prove it
My brother: Even though you guys ignore the EU, your rules still say the movie novelizations are canon. Planetary shields around Coruscant were mentioned in the Episode III novelization.
CBRtard: That contradicts the movies. I didn't see any planetary shields in the movies.
My brother: That's because they were fighting under the planetary shields, Palpatine gave the Seperatists secret unstable hyperspace routes that allowed them to jump in under the shields.
CBRtard: That never happened in the movies.
My brother: That's because it took place before the movie started. When it started the battle had already been going on for a long time, this took place right at the beginning of the battle.
CBRtard: Sorry, it contradicts the movie because it didn't happen in the movie.
My brother: Do you understand what the word "contradict" means? It would only contradict the movie if there was something in it that made it impossible to be true, such as someone stating that there was no planetary shield. That never happened, so there is no contradiction.
CBRtard: It wasn't in the movie, it contradicts the movie.
My brother: That's because it took place before the movie started! The whole purpose of the novelization is to give a more in - depth story and explain things that wouldn't fit in a 2 - hour film.
CBRtard: It still wasn't in the movie, so it contradicts it.
My brother: Are you even listening to me?
CBRtard: When did this happen in the movies?
CBRtard: You flamed me! Reported
CBR mod: No flaming. You're banned.

He complained to me about this, but I just told him that's what he should have expected. CBR sucks.