I'll rate anime or manga that I've seen, in alphabetical order, now it's Azumanga Daioh

Summary: This is the story of a 10-year old high school girl named Chiyo, who is a child prodigy, and her wacky friends, Tomo who is wild and speaks whatever's on her mind, Koyomi, who is always annoyed by her, the spacey Osaka, Sakaki who adores cute animals, Kaorin who has a crush on her, Kagura the superb athlete and many more interesting characters. The series runs through their three years of high school, with summer breaks and school festivals.

Genre: Comedy

Rating: 13+

I thought this anime was very funny, but I felt there was too much fanservice for it to be appealing to the female crowd. There are some soft moments but mostly it's slapstick and sarcastic humor. Recommended for a male audience.