Summaries will have less detail from hence forth

Ok, long night of mourning. Surviving party members get back to town, drink away their sorrow, Sydney tries to hook up with Ameiko, everyone ends up getting laid by someone. Everyone is hung over the next day.

Erok is actually reincarnated as a halfling, but that's another story.

In to town rolls the two new PCs (when people die, new people need to step in to take their place). Drew, who was playing Erok, now controls Gerald, a holy warrior of the goddess Iomedae. Nick, who was controlling Michael, brings in a ranged bard that has absolutely no combat ability.

Sydney was convinced that everyone on the island was dead as goblins weren't smart enough to repair the bridge. Everyone else pointed out that the bridge didn't make itself.

Anyways, the survivors thought the new guys were useless. They decided to take them back with them anyways. They rented another boat and sailed back to Thistletop. Corrin proceeded to climb onto the island and help the rest of the party climb up.

Much time was wasted exploring the dungeon. All the goblins were dead, minus the few in the Throne Room. In the central courtyard the party talked at length about whether or not they should open this door and let a large animal out of some sort of pen it was nailed into. Sydney was all for letting everything on the island die. The rest of the party had a heart. So they ignored it temporarily.

In the throne room they found Ripnugget, goblin warchief, and his mount, a giant fucking gecko. No one was impressed. Corrin rushed into the room and started dropping goblin guards left and right, but the goblin chief was a proficient combatant and surprised everyone by critting Gerald, almost immediately killing Drew's new character. Corrin did the sensible thing, then, and grappled Ripnugget off his mount, pinned him down, and let Gerald stab him repeatedly until he stopped moving.

Going back and freeing the caged beast, the party discovered a majestic war horse half dead from starvation. Several ideas were presented on getting the horse off the island with no bridge, and it was generally decided that pushing him 80 ft into the rough waters below was probably a bad idea. Eventually everyone just said fuck it, it's better that it dies free in the courtyard than locked in a tiny closet.

Heading downstairs into the dungeon proper, the party quickly got the jump on a young spellcaster who was super hot, but also a total bitch. Cerrik inflicted third degree burns to her chest, and she was promptly tied up. During interrogation, when things weren't going his way, Corrin decided just to punch her in the face a few times to knock her out. Since this almost killed her, Gerald backhanded Corrin, busting his lip. Corrin tried to jump all over Gerald and beat the shit out of him for this, but the rest of the party intervened. Threats were made, and the two separated from one another.

Delving deeper into the dungeon the party discovered some fucked up shit, fought a squid monster that liquefies your insides, and discovered a room that served as the goblin harem. In said room, Cerrik cast his first Burning Hands spell and incinerated four goblin females, and pissed off a bugbear, which promptly knocked him unconscious. It was here that Nick's bard found a use in the party. He could heal with a wand. Much healing with said wand was done. The party is so happy to have a shitty version of a cleric following them around.

What trouble will our heroes get into next week? Where is this Nualia bitch? Is the party willing to spend the time and effort to rebuild the bridge just to save a warhorse? Find out, or not, next week.