So, the interrogation of the Quasit didn't go so well. Although intimidated and bluffed into believing that it's safety was determined by how much information she would give, she was less than cooperative, offering little information the PCs didn't already know. They did learn for sure that the Quasit, Erylium, was Nualia's mentor, and had trained her.

Not being happy with the progress the party was making with the quasit, Corrin stuck his finger in her face, prompting the quasit to bite at it, nearly removing his finger from his hand. Deciding this was enough interrogation, Corrin went to snap the quasit's neck. He failed. She wriggled away, with Erok chasing after her trying to behead her with his axe. Finally Sidney managed to slit her throat.

The deed done, the party left the dungeon and returned to town. They went their separate ways, got healed, sold some loot, and tried to gather some more info from some local sages.

Knowing that they now needed to go to Thistletop and root out Nulia to end the goblin threat, the party hired a boat to take them close to the island. After arriving, they decided it would be best to attack from land, and took the boat to a suitable location up coast to let them out. Two hours and a patch of poison ivy later, the party was outside the defenses of Thistletop, ready to begin their assault.

To reach the island the goblins had set up their lair on the party first had to manage the maze of briers and thorns to the bridge. They dispatched a dozen sleeping goblins by taking them by surprise, but the dying goblins made a lot of noise, and alerted the rest of the inhabitants of the outer lair to the presence of intruders. One of these inhabitants was a goblin druid who prepared himself to ambush the party. Erok, having the ability to pass through briers as if they weren't even there, was sneaking through walls and trying to scout, not expecting to find a creature with a similar ability.

The goblin druid got the jump on Erok, kinda, and launched a ball of fire he had prepared straight into Erok's face, knocking him unconscious immediately. The druid and his pet firepelt, something like a mountain lion, then jumped through the wall and ambushed Cerrik, who had come to aid Erok. The party was having real trouble fighting in such cramped spaces, but they did manage to corner the druid after killing his animal companion, and prevented the goblin from using his restorative magics.

Having fought their way to the rickety goblin bridge, Michael, now understanding a bit about architecture and feats of engineering, determined it was unsafe to cross more than two at a time. Sydney and Corrin made their way across before goblins ambushed the party. The rest of the group managed to cross to offer aid, and with the goblins being clumsy and falling off their goblin dog mounts and out of towers while attempting to fire bows, the group was not in any real threat.

Now inside the small fort, Thistletop, that the goblins called home, the party was faced with doors everywhere. Which way were they supposed to go? Erok had seen some pickles on the ground outside beneath one of the guard tower windows, and decided that that was a good place to start, and so they did. Clearing the fort to an open courtyard, the party was beset by three MORE goblin dogs. Erok, Runner, and Corrin had all been inflicted with mange from the dogs, and with this minor irritation being too much for the party to deal with, they decided to retreat back to the maze of thorns to rest for the night, but not before first lighting the fort on fire.

Surprisingly, nothing attempted to gank the PCs in the night, so the emerged rested, minus Sydney, who had gone back to the boat to inform it's captain to wait for them.

Creeping up to the bridge, the remaining party members saw that the guards had been replaced with more goblins on their goblin dog mounts. Erok launched an Entangle spell across the bridge, preventing many of the goblins from attacking right away, and digging the thorns, now bending to his will, into goblin flesh.

As the goblin dogs broke free and rushed across the bridge to engage, the goblins that broke free hopped on their end of the bridge and launched arrows across at the PCs. Michael and Erok stood upfront and fended off the goblin dogs while Cerrik threw Magic Missiles from his wand and Corrin used a borrowed crossbow. Erok took an arrow to the throat, that would have been fatal had it not been a goblin arrow, and while Cerrik tended him, Michael and Corrin chased the goblins back across the bridge. Michael, having imbibed a Potion of Cure Light Wounds, was eager to get back into the fight. And that's when he and Runner stepped on the bridge.

So... yeah. The bridge, as the party learned yesterday, was not meant to support the weight of anything much bigger than a goblin. With so many PCs on the bridge, the bridge was going down. Runner managed to leap back to shore before the bridge gave way, and Corrin was quick enough to grab a the bridge as he was falling, but Michael and Erok were not so lucky. They plummeted 80 feet into the rocky water below, and both quickly drowned. Two dead PCs.

The goblins had all been defeated. Corrin and Cerrik needed to retreat and get Sydney and regroup in Sandpoint. Obviously this was not what anyone was expecting. Cerrik was on one side of the bridge, though, and Corrin was on the other. Corrin told Cerrik to go for the boat and have it come around to pick him up, and he'd try to gather the bodies of his allies. He did not anticipate the current, though, and an undertow swept him into an underground sea cave where he was quickly beset upon by a bunyip, the cross between a seal and a shark.

When Cerrik returned, he saw Erok's body washed up on shore, but saw nothing of the body of Michael, or what had become of Corrin. Fearing the worst, Cerrik went looking cautiously for Corrin, Sydney in tow, and found him down a hole that opened up to the sea cave from within the goblin maze. Corrin was perched on the wall, out of reach of the bunyip, but without the ability to outswim him or to climb out. A few long pieces of rope solved that problem, and the party, minus the body of Michael and the soul of Erok, returned to Sandpoint, defeated.

What do they plan to do now? Next week will see the answer to that question.