Start of the session, the PCs were left with a dead villain figure, his notes on some disgusting shit, and his unconscious sister whom most of the PCs had a crush on.

Reading through the journal again, the PCs knew there was a secret passage underneath the Glassworks, and knew that they needed to explore it before taking the fight to the Thistletop goblins, where Tsuto's girlfriend was holed up planning a massive raid against Sandpoint.

But first, loot. Tsuto was the first NPC that PCs had killed, and he had some fat loot, including a Ring of Protection +1. After some deliberation on what was to become of the ring, Erok finally convinced the others that the best course of action was to sell it and buy a Wand of Cure Light Wounds. And so the party did.

Finally ready to enter the passage under the Glassworks, the party left instructions to collapse the entrance if they weren't back in a few days. Expecting to find goblins, the party was surprised to learn that the passage seemed to be heading under the town, not out toward the beach. Taking a side tunnel, the PCs found themselves in the campaign's first dungeon crawl.

Cautiously moving forward into the dungeon, Corrin stuck his head around a corner into a room, and was frightened by what he saw. It was a horrible monster of a man, called a sinspawn. It struck out at Corrin, and managed to bite him, inflicting Corrin with a madness that left him impotent. Corrin managed to kick the sinspawn in the nuts, though, and while it's combat capabilities were hindered, the party surrounded it and made short work of it.

Many strange things the party discovered. They came across a statue of a woman wielding a polearm, and took it for their own. They entered a large room that the party at first thought was part of the dungeons under the town garrison, but was an ancient prison. Here they fought and defeated two more sinspawn.

Further down this wing of the dungeon, they came across a room with several torture instruments. Next to this room were several cells where skeletons of deformed humans had lain for several thousand years. As if foreshadowing, the very next room they entered contained a deformed goblin with four arms, and an extra eye on it's stomach. This was one of the goblin champions they had learned about from Shalelu, but it was here, under the Glassworks. Why? And why was it deformed?

The last room of this wing offered more questions and less answers. It was spherical, and made from a weird red stone. Inside this sphere several objects were floating. The room had been enchanted with a levitation spell. Cerrik cautiously entered and retrieved the items, including a wand, a scroll, and an odd book full of pictures of horrid monsters devouring innocent creatures.

Confused, the party backtracked and went down the second wing of the complex, and entered a well room. There, Corrin was attacked once again, this time by a disembodied head with wings. The party rushed in to help him, but the creature, a vargouille, let out a screech that stunned everyone in the room except for Sydney and Cerrik. The vargouille seemed to kiss Corrin, shoving his unholy tongue down his throat, and implanting something within him. Sydney managed to get around behind the beast and stab it through the back of it's head moments later, but the damage was done. Corrin doesn't know it, but unless he seeks help he'll be a vargouille himself in a matter of hours.

Having defeated the terrible beast, the party passed through a temple to some unholy god and entered the final room of the dungeon. There, they met a quasit who was infuriated to see the party in her "kingdom". She sliced her own wrist with a dagger and dripped her own blood into what looked like an orange pool of bubbling liquid. The party rushed forward to engage as a sinspawn crawled out of the pool and attacked the PCs. As the Sinspawn emerged, however, Corrin took note that the quasit seemed worried that the pool of orange radiance seemed to lose some of it's luster.

The fight was a tough one. Corrin was overmatched by the quasit, while Michael engaged the sinspawn and Erok, his wolf, and Sydney fought the quasit's summoned allies. Corrin fell, unconscious and in pain, after being inflicted with moderate wounds, and Erok's choice to buy a wand of Cure Light Wounds turned out to be a sound one.

The quasit hovered out of range in the center of the room, launching attacks at the PCs that stung with an enchanted dagger that returned to her hand after she threw it. The PCs tried to return fire, but her magical defenses prevented anything but the most well aimed shot from landing, and she was immune to Cerrik's fiery attacks.

Frustrated that she was whittling down the party's resolve and stamina, Corrin finally tried something novel, reckless, and highly effective. He leaped off the ten foot ledge at the back of the chamber, out over open space, and grabbed her, yanking her to the ground with him. The party then overpowered her, pinned her, and Michael tied her up.

And next week, the interrogation begins.