The Angel Named Amy

A vision of beauty,my purpose for life
The vision of Perfection,my future wife
With this gift I have truly been blessed
My love and my life,an angel named Amy
Nice,beautiful,kind and loving,she is perfect in every way
No matter the problems,she perfects my day
No matter what happens,she's the best
The sweet kawaii angel named Amy

Another normal day,nothing out of place
as though it would be,that wasn't the case
I met her then,a normal girl
what than began would soon unfurl
we started as friends,normal and low
as time passed,our love started to grow
I realized then,that all I would ever need was right in front of me
I confessed my love to her,and she to me
and it feels like we were meant to be
an angel has blessed me with
her love,the greatest love,the perfect dove