Story: An eccentric, armchair anthropologist passes away after fathering a multitude of children on various women of different cultures. Incredibly incompetent and rarely meeting any culture outside of his own unless it is, in fact, in the bedroom, he still managed to accumulate a great deal of wealth by tomb raiding under the impression that he was being a fantastic archaeologist. He never married and with his large array of illegitimate children, his legacy comes under dispute.

Thankfully (or not), he left careful instructions as to its dispersion. Like the Egyptians and their ancient gods he so patronizingly adores, he decides to be mummified, have his body parts separated and distributed across the globe where they are hidden within riddle-filled tombs, caves, etc. like Osiris. The child who can successfully recombine his parts receives the inheritance.

But, of course, there's a catch. A deadline. They have only one year in which to accomplish this, and they must have all the parts. If someone else finds a bit first, then stealing, lying, alliances, and whatnot are encouraged to get it from them.

Let the games begin.