I'm an Eagle Scout. What does this mean?

-I know lashing and knots. I can put together useful gadgets outside using downed trees and vine. I've even built a small hut in the past.

-I know first aid. I can recognize the signs of heart attack, or heat stroke, or dehydration, or hypothermia. I can do CPR, make a splint, bandage most any part of the body. I know what to do in an emergency situation and have saved a person's life in the past (he was drowning).

-I am comfortable outdoors. I am comfortable with a 50 lb pack on my back for extended periods. I can sleep soundly outside in the rain. I know what makes a good campsite. I can find my way around with a map and compass and am competent at orienteering. I can find my way around at night without.

-I've experienced things that will make me stronger. I can rappel. I'm comfortable underground in a cave. I can handle myself in a canoe or kayak.

-I can start a fire without the use of matches or lighters. I can start a fire in the rain, or with wet wood.

-I've developed presentation and leadership skills in the scouts. It's increased my moral conduct.

-I can track, trap, and prepare animals for eating. I know how to cook over an open flame or by using a backpacking stove.

If dropped off in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness naked but with a pocket knife I'm quite capable of surviving. I know how to make a permanent house and I've figured out running water. I can dress and feed myself. In a survival situation I'm very confident with my abilities to live.

I've spent two entire weeks backpacking, carrying everything I need on my back during this time. I've done two such treks. I've spent several days floating rivers on different trips. I've spent 8 hours underground in a cave without a guide and without any paths or rails. I've rappelled into caves before. I've slept outside during a thunderstorm, curled up under a tree. I've slept outside under the stars without a sleeping bag by myself. I've slept out under the stars in freezing weather to wake up to a sleeping bag covered in ice. I've caught, plucked, cooked, and eaten a chicken in the wild before. I've caught, skinned, cooked, and eaten a rattlesnake in the wild before. I've almost died once, almost killed someone once, and saved someone's life once.

Then you look at those poor saps who decided to skip scouting to play sports in Jr High. Yeah, hope that worked out well for them.