im super bored so i thought i'd post in my blog about random things

first off i'd like to start with saying that naruto is my absolute most favorite anime.

Second i'd like to rant about something. Why do people think neji is so great? seriously before he got his ass handed to him by naruto he was so egotistical and well you know just kind of stuck up. i dont mind neji now because his character has developed and matured and his not so stuck up but before the chuunin exams everyone thought him and sasuke were so great. it was kind of annoying sure they developed their skills quicker but lets face it during the chuunin exams sasuke choked until he got like showed up by naruto and neji well he hasnt choked but still. im starting to like neji but still he is not the greatest character ever.

on another note school is super hard. too much homework but ill write later :D