Kaiba literally designed this dragon with some hips
I personally believe that Konami isn't really interested in making the Blue-Eyes archetype more competitive, as they are just trying to bait the fanboys into buying more collectable product like this card. The age of competitive Blue-Eyes is slowly fading, and if not for the constant Dragon support such as Guardragons, Blue-Eyes would not be a deck.

Not gonna lie, this card has really good shading and foiling, but the actual monster design is very questionable. They opt'd to keep a draconic design, but also made her body human-like. To me she just looks too weird. Remember that the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is suppose to be the spirit of Kisara.

It has mediocre effects for a monster that can't summon itself. If you can somehow summon this card without interruptions, you could +2... But you'll probably minus yourself if you try to summon this card without the right combo...