well as you know im in NY for a week to see my brother

see them my a$$ since the moment i got all i have done is baby sit my nephew that thinks im crazy, had a slime ball guy try for 1 hour to get my number in a coffee shop :lmao *although it was funny when i told him my sister-in-law was my girlfriend*

so now im back at my appartment waiting for my friend to come around so we can catch up
thats really a lie i want to see what his boyfriend looks like :p

so thats been my day so far

so Hmmmm Blogs Ay, i wonder if this will be a good idea or not, i bet loads of people will make stupid blogs *kinda like this one lol*

anyhoo my minds gone blank no idea now what to type so before i start ranting about my love for certain Anime couples, im going to stop lol