I've noticed some people have already started trying to acquire the dubious honor of Most Blog Posts. I honestly thought more people would go that route than actually are so far. Also fun to watch which entries get comments (whos entries, rather). You can smell the glad-handing of people trying to get their comments in on various mods blogs, hoping to pave the way for that future favor-to-be, or soften the blow of a possible banhammer, someday.

In reality I find the phenomena of blogs rather fascinating from an anthropological point of view. An e-forum of sorts, in the style of old Rome? Maybe. Though I doubt most people are spending their time posting about new political or philosophical ideals, or even trying to recruit for that new cult in town, christianity.

I like the anonymity of it all. It's like talking to yourself as you wander through the mall or a public square. You might be surrounded by people, they may be in ear-shot of you, on some level they might even register that you have something to say. But it all becomes a back ground hum, the drone of flies against the window panes of the amityville horror house of their soul, too caught up in their own monologue to discern a pattern in your buzz-iness.

Wonder where the rest of the FC is today so far?

Pondering strawberry ice cream for breakfast -ah the freedom of being an adult and being able to fund my own road to malnourishment!