Disclaimer: I don't own Shadow of the Colossus.

Black Tendrils

As a mighty colossus falls
Black tendrils from its wound begins to flood
Long, flowing strands of darkness
As black as the colossus's blood

They flow up into the sky
There are many that I can see
And deep down in my heart and soul
I know they are after me

They look like black snakes
Or shadows of the night
Something always creeping
Even when out of sight

I run as fast as I can
But it's all in vain
The black tendrils soon catch up
And I feel a shooting pain

A tendril stabs through me
Like a knife to the heart
It�??s a sudden jolt
Almost over when it start

The pain is tremendous
The worst I've ever felt
I soon loose conscious
Into the darkness I do melt

While tunneling in the darkness
I hear Mono's voice
The girl I loved the most
To revive her is my choice

When I finally wake up
I am back to the start
I listen to Dormin's words
And ignore the lingering pain in my heart

As I search for the next colossus
I can't get the tendrils out of my mind
For when I try to escape them
Pain is all I find

When I slay a colossus
They appear every time
As fast as an arrow
And creepier than slime

I know something is wrong
But what, I know not
Perhaps this is an omen
Of a fate that I have caught

But I have made my choice
I will not turn back
Even as the tendrils
Make my world fade to black

Yet every time I'm stabbed
By a tendril to the heart
I feel like my soul
Has been ripped apart

Sometimes, I wonder
If it will be my fate
To never live long enough
To reunite with my eternal mate

I feel like the tendrils
Have made their mark
And that it's only a matter of time
Till I�??m consumed by the dark

Still, I travel on
Despite this lingering fear
I�??ll let the darkness consume me
If it will bring her here​