So I began to read the Tenjou Tenge manga. I caught a random episode a while ago on SITV station and watched. It happened to be the episode where Mitsuomi makes his proposition to Bob Makihara. From then I was interested in Mitsu-sama. He was cute! So I read the manga and I've fallen in love with him!

My criteria (bold = fits)
1) Long hair
2) White (pale, blonde) hair
3) Bad guy
4) Snarky
5) Sophisticated
6) Position of Power
7) (optional) usually wielding a sword/katana/knife/etc...


Lookit that hot ass! MM! And abs you could bake on!

And this was the page that just SOLD him for me....*drools*


I think the reason he first attracted me was his calm demeanor. A lot of my fave characters have that calm quiet powerfullness in and about them. They usually also have long white hair and tend to be the bad guy.

But I've come across another reason why he's in my heart now! He reminds me of a buff Itachi. He has a younger brother that's a disgrace. He's killed someone close to him (Mangekyou Sharingan for Mitsuomi!) when he killed Shin...and he's mysterious. Add to that he's relatively non violent for the show, and you've got the comparison all sewn up!

so yeah....there's my Bishie report for the evening/morning. thank you.