Yes, once again, it's time for the Bishie Report! With me, Crys. Today we'll be looking at Kunzite (Malachite in the dubs) from Sailor Moon.

So, why is Kunzite in here today? Simple. He fits all the criteria.

1) Long hair
2) White (pale, blonde) hair
3) Bad guy
4) Snarky
5) Sophisticated
6) Position of Power
7) (optional) usually wielding a sword/katana/knife/etc...


Basically put, Kunzite was one of my first loves. I was young, he was hot, he had an attitude that I admired, and he rocked hard since he was powerful.

The only problems that seriously sprung up with him were his relationship with Zoicite and the fact he got his ass handed to him by 5 teen girls in the first season of their super hero careers. Lame.

The relationship thing was a whole other monster. He fell pray to Dic's way of changing things and had a heterosexual relationship with Zoicite (whom all loathe). However if you look closer (or just go to Wikipedia) you will find that Zoicite was in fact a very effeminate man (that's right, a penis) who was dating Kunzite. totally. There were flowers and pink-papered notes.

So, despite all this, I still love him even now. And I shall end with some hot fanart I found years ago.

Thank you and good night!