Criteria (bold = applies to this character)
1) Long hair
2) White (pale, blonde) hair
3) Bad guy
4) Snarky
5) Sophisticated
6) Position of Power
7) (optional) usually wielding a sword/katana/knife/etc...

Millions Knives. Man. The thing that got to be was his intelligence and wherewithal, I think. Sure, he had crippling bouts of crazy, but he was also eloquent and had a beautiful way of expressing how pathetic humans are.

"That is the true nature of these pathetic beasts known as humans. They're all are selfish, arrogant, insolent, grossly imperfect organisms. They make me sick to my stomach.", episode 26 "Under The Sky So Blue"

Knives is misguided in thinking his brother Vash will ever join him but he still loves Vash deeply as his only brother and sibling in his perfect world. Like his brother, he's a plant-a "superior" being to humans. Knives developed this chip on his shoulder a long time ago when he was young.

Knives was so amazing to watch, even though he appeared infrequently in the anime. In the manga he's alot more present, and we see his motives much clearer.

I love Knives, and this has been a Bishie Report!
Glad to be back everyone!