Grim...look I'm gonna be honest here I have no clue which spelling I like and accept, so from now on we're calling him Grimmy. 'Kay? 'Kay.

Criteria (bold = applies to this character)
1) Long hair
2) White (pale, blonde) hair
3) Bad guy
4) Snarky
5) Sophisticated
6) Position of Power
7) (optional) usually wielding a sword/katana/knife/etc...


Grimmy's the sixth Espada in Sosuke Aizen's army of Arrancars. He's also my total favorite because he carries with him a lot of excitable energy and fun. He loves a good fight and is particularly interested in fighting Ichigo Kurosaki.

He did at one point lose his position as the sixth Espada due to losing an arm (thanks a freakin lot Tosen.) However Grimmy later had his arm returned thanks to Orihime's time bending, and went on to reclaim his number by killing his interim replacement, Luppi.

Grimmy is crass and rarely listens to anyone around him, be it above or below his station, with the major exception of Aizen-though he isn't above talking smack the minute Aizen's out of earshot. He has major issues with anyone thinking or stating that they are better than him, and is always working to better himself. Still, he has shown that there is a bit of goodness (or at least a bit of honor) in him as he does rescue Orihime in thanks for restoring his arm.


I honestly think that Grimmy's cuteness won me over, but when he first arrived on the scene it was more like a breath of fresh air to see someone so confident in themselves and so out of the norm for Bleach.

Grimmy is one of two characters than have been given high honors in my trio of friends. Grimmy inspired the phrase "Lean Like An Arrancar" thanks to a figurine I got of him where he was leaning at a seemingly impossible angle.

The other to gain such favor was Hitsugaya, who's been gifted the dubious pseudonym "Captain Grumpy Pants."