Well....subject says it all. Yesterday was my ma b-day, today I discover a crime happened here on CSUDH, and I wanna get 4 games, but due to gas money, college money (more like food money to tell you the truth since I don't eat a lot at the house), wielding fee (talk to u about it more on thurdays), and birthday of mom, I won't be able to live with myself (also the fact that midterm is coming up about now).

First off, yesterday was my mom's birthday. I dunno what age she is, all I know is that she is now 49-50 years old. Since I had the money, I desided to get her a present. So once I finish school, I went to wal-mart to buy something. Since it is September, I wanna buy her a month stone. I did that. A necklace with a created Sapphire make of white gold for $43.00 (I feel it may be fake if it's cheap). Now what bug me the most is (and it always the same) women. They always take a lot of my dang time away from me., even cashier. However that is also a good thing. When the cashier came back, I went to ask to get the necklace until a woman came up and said "No, he wasn't first. It her, then me, then her, then her, then that boy, then her." So she went to the first girl and she say she was still looking. Same with that woman and the woman after her, so I still went first. hehehehe. Using the girls' looks for perfection into my advantage. Anyways, mom was please but also said she already got the necklace. Damn Dad (I think. He beat me to it). Still, she said she'll keep it because it was a different shape so that's that.

Crime....? Oh yeah. Just before I score myself another 100% on my quiz, I notice a crime notice about a rape on Sunday. wait....Do ppl go to school on Sundays? Oh well. Anyways, it was about a rape and boy....I dunno about u guys but I do hate crime a lot. Fact is, just becareful where u go, who u meet and if u see something that is not right (like seeing a gun or a rape), call the freaking police. Geez...it is that simple. And another thing to prevs., rape is not for your enjoyment and u should just save the poor girlm alright. Safty first.

As for games, I have pre-order two games already, Super Mario Galexy and SSBB, but I also wanna get Metroid Prime 3. Meh...for metroid, I can wait but for DDR Hottest Party!? Hell no am I waiting a year to get it. I'm getting it today! Reasons:
1. I like DDR.
2. Wanna try it
3. Good exercise
4. If it is like how DDR: Mario Mix is, it is going to sell out quick so I'm getting now! Even if my sis has my Wii! I'll dance after Bio Exam, which is already giving me a headache!!!! MAN!!

So that's all....next time is about pairings. btw, to all u little Sasuke and Yaoi fangirls, I have a give for u I made during my freetime. I'm pretty sure it's funny if you are not insulted:

I should have put "WTF!? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" All I did is cut and paste and edit from google. I'll post it later in my deviantart page, along with my unfinish NaruSaku Fan art.