Look, i've had alot on my mind from 11/29 - today, so i'll cut to the chase:

-What are the odds of a teen in America at age 16-18 dying from childbirth?
-Is it possible for an abortion 9 months into pregnancy?
-Is is likely that a teen who is pregnant won't be able to finish high school and will miss out on college and career goal opportunities?
-Why do teen girls get pregnant in the first place?

I've had a crush on this girl in my class, until she told me that she had a boyfriend. A few days later, I found out she was pregnant. I had no idea at all. I'm seriously worried about her. I'm sitting up in my room everyday thinking about her. I have never known for 4yrs to get into this kind of situation. She seemed like a normal-mannered girl. People are telling me to forget about her, but I can't! She's too important to me to forget about. No one, not even my own family understands what i'm going through. There is not one person I feel I can talk to seriously about this whole mess. This whole thing really screwed me over big-time. Even the thought of death popped into my head.