Seriously, it just oozes pure win!

The story explained in one single picture:

Spoiler: After you seen the clip
If you’ve watched the video, what more needs to be said? After saving the President from a gang of ninjas (if that sentence doesn’t make you grow an extra testicle out of sheer manliness, read it again until it does), he invites you to share a burger with him, and laughs in a way that no uncybernetic human being could ever possibly laugh: “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Then, of course, it cuts to the president, standing in front of the White House, eating a burger. Evidently, the game’s protagonist is such a Bad Dude that he refuses to share one with the Commander-in-Chief, and instead chooses to stand with his arms solemnly crossed, like a true badass.

No one will ever make a better videogame ending. Ever.

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I am speechless. :oh