So, this morning was like any other morning. Woke up around Oh-Dark-Thirty and got ready for work. For those of you who may not know me. I am in the Us Air Force, currently stationed in California.
For the past half a year I have been working with my bases Honor Guard. We perform military honors for veterans, retiree's, and active duty members who have passed away, as well as other functions on and off the base.

Today, I knew nothing was going on except for some training in areas where we had been slacking off on, due to we had pretty much declined the last month and a half of those types of details, because funerals come first. everything else can take a back seat. Well, we had to do one of those back seats, and I'll leave it at that. To say the least I knew today was going to be a bunch of training.

I have been packing up my apartment, because I was slated to go to the Middle East on the November rotation. I have already been over there once before, having deployed out during the summer months of 2006. So I was really interested to see what a winter in the desert is like. Not to menchin' several people I respect are going out on that same rotation, I was a very happy camper and was looking forward to another rotation. Especially now that I have a crap-ton of Anime to take with me over there on my laptop. (`n.n)

Then, I got a phone call at 0900 this morning. I figured it was about an appointment I didn't know about that I had to be to, or had missed cause no one picks up a phone nymore to call someone about stuff. It's all email, and when you can't access a Government Computer from Middle-Of-No-Where, Oregon. I didn't know about it. So I was very surprised to here that it was a friend who worked in my squadron, up in the Orderly Room. I thought that she needed a favor so I listened to her while she talked. And the first thing she said was: "I need you to come up here and sign for your Assignment Rip."
My jaw dropped open I leaned forward in my seat and replied: "Your kidding?! Where am I going?" I seriously thought I was dreaming, but I wasn't. She said where to, and I could not believe what she had said. I expected to be going to Korea. But nope, thats not what I heard. I asked her to repeat it and this time it rang true.

Kadena Air Base, Japan.

I can't tell you how happy I am with mere words. I have had a Shit-Eaten-Grin on my face since 0900 and I don't think I will lose it any time soon. Cause the better part of this whole thing is, I'm there for a minimum of the next 3 YEARS!


And yes, my current base is so worthless, that going to the Middle East is highly sought after. So this little piece of news makes my co-workers just want to kick the cra out of me. I don't care, cause in the end. I'm the one living in the 'Land of the Rising Sun'!