I was gone for a three weeks or two
Lost in emotions, into the blue
cried the day after my b-day
Life just tried to get away

I fought with anger, lust n' passion
Identifying, no, there was no comparrison
Scared my father with hateful words
Cursed at my mother, damn those bastards

Dragged out by friends on a friday night
Felt sick, wanted to turn off the light
Walked through the blizzardy cold
Fuck all, I felt too old

Got in line to the party frenzy
Payed 20 bucks, Friends got awfully antsy
"please strangle them and fry
their brains into colorful suicide"

Got inside, with a few guys we found
Embarassed, afraid to turn around
The dancefloor was steaming, hot
Forgetting the time, or possibly not?

At midnights strike, the alarm went off
Down spiral stairs, here comes my living cough
The cold was wild, panicing my eyes
skin grew drier, hopefully no one dies

40 minutes tops, we got back
music went drumming, right on track
Taken by tunes, intensely tranced
onto a speaker, my mind danced

Surprised from the energy I pulled him close
A boy from town, he was my choice
A dance shown for all eyes to see
Passionate moving, oh let it be

A kiss on the cheek, turned me on
The dance grew stronger, oh fuck, i was gone
Life with its whispers, of love and hate
What made me let him, come close to my faith?

The night ended in sorrowed despair
Parted our ways, my chance far to declare
For that one moment, a life grew strong
Oh lord, this cant be wrong

Nights later, a happy reply
" your name my dear, was it a lie?"
No no, it was for real
Now all thats left, is my urge for your feel.