I'm still letting it all sink in. This was my second concert ever, but it was definitely the best. They played Spinal Meningitis as the second song and I sang along. Oh God it was win. I didn't recognize most of the songs because I don't listen to Ween enough and only own a third of their discography. But nothing disappointed. Even before the concert I had some interesting encounters. One person offered me L and another two asked me for shrooms. Apparently I look like the man with the drugs. Naturally, I declined the offer.

Back on the performance side, fun was had by all, people of course sang along thrusted their fist in the air and shouted Ween. Also several men shouted "I want your babies!" several times. There was also this one guy who danced during one of the guitar solos and I lol'd, he was right next to me and I think he was drunk or high or something. But he was really going at it with a hippy dance.

Oh and I got molestered several times by people standing just above me. They kept playing with my fro. There was also this fat girl who asked me about my afro. She asked how many hours it takes to get it to look the way it does, I told her five minutes.

Oh and the best part of the show was at the last bits where this guy jumped up on stage and danced around in what looked like a suit made of toilet paper, second time he did it he was carried off by security and I laughed. At the end of the show girls up on stage and started flashing there tits! IT WAS EPIC! BEAUTIFUL BOOBS EVERYWHERE! of course there was one fat girl on stage but she didn't flash. So many hot women on stage pouring out of the audience it was oh my god. The show ended with the girls dancing to a long drum solo.

my feet are fucking killing me as it was standing room only. Wow I need to fix this up for my performance paper.