As predicted by myself, I needed something to fill the void since my hamsters' passing. I went to the pet shop to grab new pets. With better experience this time and also consulting the advice of experts during these weeks, I'm more confident with myself to look after hamsters.

I selected 2 male winter whites once again (the other breeds didn't look particularly active on that day). They looked the same and it's difficult to tell them apart actually. They are about 3-4 weeks old and quite timid.

Once I got them home, they started to display the traits to allow me to tell them apart. One of them was nervously poking around and responded well to sound. The other one just froze on the spot (no exaggeration here) and eventually hides in the wooden house for hours. I named the docile one "Sunao" 素直, and the frozen one "Ahou" 阿呆. It fits them perfectly imo. :laugh

I hope they will live well and live longer than my previous babies!! :nod