Less than 24 hours left until my birthday, and I decided to let everyone know.:sag

Really, for the past 4 years, I almost hate my birthdays.
My parents would always decide to go somewhere I don't want to and drag me along, - most often to 'celebrate' with that lot of relatives that I hate,- and the other option is to stay home alone for two days. Not that there's nothing wrong with that, but being lonely on Christmas and on your own birthday is an exeption- it can turn you either emo, or into a horribly pissed person.:lmao
And it goes on like this everywhere, all the time. Even birthdays are full of routine these days. I call this a lack of creativity.

So yeah, this is sort of my birthday reminder.
When the 30th of September comes, I expect at least someone to remember sending me a big happy birthday wish!:pek