My name is...well, blah, no one gives a fuck anyway so I'll skip the useless half-assed introductions.

First, I had homeroom at 8:25am, listened to some lame jokes the teacher had to say and left for Math at about eight thirty.

The Math teacher is a sarcastic mothafucka called ''Bowman'' and he mentioned mudkips and says mmkay a lot. After 80 minutes of boring Math reviews for last year's shit, I had Art. Yes, ART, though the teacher draws like crap and calls herself talented and it's annoying how she says wicked all the time. We had to draw fucking PORTRAITS although no one can actually draw FFS. I just ended up drawing some stick men killing each other with guns and katanas. That was at least more fun than drawing something you don't even know how to start.

At about eleven-thirty, I had English and guess what, it was more interesting than Art. After that, it was lunch and I had some COLD Fillet fish burger I bought this morning from McDonalds :awesome

Lunch ended at 12:55pm and the English class was resumed. After all those fun we had there, we finally had to go to Music class - WORSE SUBJECT EVER. I mean wtf, man. DO I HAVE TO LEARN MUSIC NOTES, half note, quarter and all those shit to pass this year? Shit, please no. The teacher is HORRIBLE, she made me walk the stairs again all the way from second floor to fifth floor to place my bag back into my locker because bitch said no bags are allowed into her class for some gay reason. Her English is TERRIBLE, I can BARELY understand her. It's filled with Cantonese accents and zomg, the 80 minutes we spent there was so FUCKING BORING. We had to take down notes about the music beat, claps and those note thingies or whatever you call them. IMAGINE FUCKING 80 MINUTES OF THAT WITHOUT ANYONE SOCIALIZING AT ALL :arg

And so, the day filled with awesomeness ended. Oh wait, there's still one thing :sag

My ghey preppy friend rushed towards me and went LOL HAY THAR while I was packing stuff from my locker to my bag and I got kissu'd, the lip gloss smelled

The only awesome thing that happened to me today was that I actually got to buy a laser mouse and it pwns the old optical shit mouse I had.


You have wasted about 3 minutes in your life if you actually read the whole thing :iria