This was a very well done pair of episodes. I knew it was too early for the Avatar to defeat the Fire Lord, but it was interesting to see how everything played out.


As it turns out, the fire nation expected an invasion to take place. The Fire Lord hid himself inside a volcano. It took Toph (my favorite character) to use her earthbending to find the location. Toph, Aang, and Sokka run into Azula. A battle ensues, but it is just a delay tactic by Azula. In the meantime, the Fire Lord is confronted not by Aang, but by Zuko. Zuko states that he realizes his father's way is wrong and leaves to join the Avatar.

The eclipse ends and everyone tries to flee. However, since the Fire Nation knew of the invasion they go on the offense. It is decided that the adults say behind, while the children escape. The story ends with Aang and the others heading toward the Western Air Temple with Zuko following behind.

Overall, the episodes were very good. There were a lot of good battles and it showed the costs of war. If you aren't watching this show you should really catch up with it. The creators have done a really good job of tying everything together even from the first season.