Chapter 2 begins. After a year of non-game action, Isolde leaves the knighthood, disillusioned, and becomes a monk instead. Ladd, now with me and not the mercenaries, follows his dream of becoming a mage, with Parnella being his teacher. Alicia and Lavian decide that they want some incestuous, hot twin action with Isolde (who is now scantily clad) instead of Agrias. Finding armor confining for their sexual purposes Alicia becomes a chemist and Lavian downgrades to archer as well.

Anywho, seeing how I want to keep the band together, I'll ignore the new comers for now. In this next battle (I wonder where everyone not in the battle have run off to) I'm gonna take Myles the knight (who kicks ass still), Simond the archer, and Parnella the Burned-Beyond-Recognition-as-a-Human.

With the power of Garffgarion and Agrias on our side, I hardly think this battle is worth mentioning. Two thieves, two wizards, and two archers. Not much of a threat.

Battle starts with a thief throwing a rock at Gaffgarion. A fucking rock against this stone cold killer? Ha! The wizards take aim against the two party guests and one of the archers tries to peg Parnella but she deflects it (she knows the Parry skill now).

I mean, Agrias almost died from the enemy ganging up on her, but the only real other thing of note in this entire fucking battle was Parnella's ability to parry attacks. A thief tried to attack her from the side and she parried it. With a fucking stick. I mean, fuck! Oh, and Oliver landed an attack for 98 points. That's the highest damage we've seen so far this game. Immediately afterward Agrias blinded Oliver, which was fucking weird to see. I mean.. why?

The last archer jumped on the rooftops where none of my party could reach and even Simond couldn't shoot. I had to blast her down with Parnella. While she stayed up there, healing herself with potions so it took forever to kill her, I took the opportunity to start raising people's bravery with Oliver's Steel ability. I need Myles, my knight, to have more than a 53 Bravery. When the stones started dropping Simond picked up Steal Exp and used it quite liberally against the likes of Parnella. I do it all for the JP.

As the battle wore on, Parnella ran out of SP and the enemy archer wouldn't come off the roof, choosing to stay there, out of range of the remainder of our attacks, and pop potions. Time for new strategy. Simond would charm her down using his Steal Heart ability. If it would hit. With a measly 41% chance, it missed 6 times in a row. Oliver would stick around and use Tailwind on them both to raise their speeds. When the time was right, we'd fuck her up. Finally, on attempt #13, the bitch was charmed. 41% my ass. We lured her down and struck, felling the whore in two blows. Ha! Never trust a pretty rogue.

Team Oliver wins (though it took fucking forever).