It has finally arrived, one of the most anticipaded games of this awesome gaming autumn/winter. Assassins Creed

Formats: PS3 and Xbox 360. It will be released to PC sometime next year.
Genre: Action/adventure/stealth

A few examples of the competition Assassins Creed will be facing:

  • [*]Super Mario Galaxy
    [*]Matroid Prime 3: Corruption
    [*]Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    [*]Mass Effect
    [*]The Orange Box

And a few more I'm sure.

Then how does Assassins Creed (From here AC) fare against this more then competent list of top notch games?

I've only played it for a few hours and it seems that the game barely has begun.

Minor spoilers from the beginning!


The story

AC starts out with you controlling Alta?r, an assassin in the time of the great crusades (about 1200 ad i think). You run around in a city somewhere in the Middle east and it seems that you are quite hurt. You hear voices that say:

-Pull him out!
-Not yet, he can hold on a bit longer
-No, can't you see you're hurting him!

And then you wake up and see two scientists looking at you lieing down. Apperantly they have found a way to access your genetic memory (meaning that they can "unlock" memories from your ancestors), and they need you to give them a certain memory that they for some reason need.

Here it's time for the tutorial, and you get to know some quite groundbreaking techniques. For example that you can blend into a group of people by acting as if you were a scholar. You also learn how to get through a crowd without bumping into them. As far as I know no other game has done any of theese things.

Then you get thrown into the next memory avalible to you and you get to control Alta?r in a real environment for the first time.

The controls

The first thing I noticed was that the movements seemed very smooth and realistic.

The first time I got to jump between rooftops and were trying to escape from the city guards (it seems that you'll do this quite a lot) it felt very parkuor-ish. You would jump on poles, over walls and down into hay. And it flowed perfectly.

If I have to complain a little bit it would be on the combat. It seems a little shallow. Mostly mashing the X-button, but it's still fun.

So I'd say that the controls are intuitive, fresh and just really good.

The graphics

When I saw the graphics I initially thought that it wasn't anything special. But when I saw the character models up close I changed my mind, they were very detailed and alive. It might not look like crysis or even Gears of War but you have to think about that AC is way larger then those games. Like when I came to the first city in AC and saw it from a distance I just stopped and:

-Aweeesome, huge, cool.


And there's atleast one more big city and the countryside between them.

So the graphics rocks.

GTAssassins creed?

It might sound like AC is GTA just in another time, luckely for me atleast, that isn't the case. Atleast it isn't like the old GTAs it's more how I imagine GTA IV will be like. Not only run and gun with sloppy controls and graphics from mid 90s. It's much more than that. And I haven't even told you about the sneaking and the AI.

Game mecanics

I haven't relly gotten into the sneaking but it seems like it works relly nicely. I've pickpoceted two persons so far (Those were on a mission so I don't know if you can do it freely later, though I doubt it) and it was both fun and hard. You can't get too close or follow them for too long or they'll notice you. That would've been the case in a GTA game atleas but AC takes it a step further.

Like I said earlier there's special techniques for not being noticed, theese you have to apply here or your victim will notice you. If you for example walks into someone who carries something and drops it, they will get pissed and your victim will most likely bail. It might get annoing but so far it has been fair and it was my own fault for starting a commotion.

Ending comment and grade

This game is awsome. Get it. Now.

Controls: 10
Graphics: 9
Gameplay: 10
Story: TBA

Total 9,5

I do believe it can fare aginst the other games that's being releases, though I don't know if the maistream buyers will notice it enough. You should notice it atleast, for the sake of good games.