Been a while since i posted something so i figured i'd do it now that i got the time (didn't get any sleep so have been lying awake all night just pondering all kinds of crazy stuff (and had a damn nosebleed come from no where))

Anyway, i got up extra early and while i didn't write until now (check the time of entry) i can add that i usually don't get up until 1-2pm of late (comes with being home and not having a workplace to tire me out before i hit the bed in the evenings) so its still early by my count.

Anyway, back to this blogs title;

The Art.
This is something i have a genuine interest in and i love to create and be creative myself which brings me to the real point behind bringing it up at all which is that i am in the process of creating what i think will be a very nice work of art involving Naruto. I have named it "the true heroes" which will be the final name given to the piece and its something i have already posted an early draft of on my deviant art account and i am actually proud of the progress i have made with it. The work will be a multistage project and will actually take considerable time to complete.
Most of it however will be complete enough for me to add a first stage preview of the whole image once it actually is complete in not to long (i hope). I will make it in 4 stages:
stage one involves getting the actual images i need to make the collage. This will be images that have been shown in the manga so there won't be much new, but i am clear-cutting them so they will be taken from they original scene and placed in a completely different environment and while i'm sure many will recognize where they came from i think they to will see it as something new.
stage two is where i start filling in the blanks with new stuff. I will make the pieces work seamlessly into each other and then work out a way to fill in the blanks where i see it is necessary.
after this is done i will start with stage three which is the first of two color phases. This phase is the basic color layout. meaning i will have a completely colored image but it won't have shades or any dimension, it will be a very flat image. Still i qualify it as complete because of the work put into it and because of the overall look of it.
stage four is the final color stage where i add shades and outlines and give the image a little depth giving the characters (or so i hope anyway) a bit more lifelike appearance.
This stage will however be put on hold for a while since i don't really have the tools i feel i need to do the job properly.
(i wish for a sketchpad and i have my eyes on one but it costs about 200$, but it has its own screen so i can see the work realtime, plus the pens that come with it are unique in that they actually are airbrush pens that you can regulate the "pressure" on the pen.)
I hope however that within a few years i will complete it, but i can assure you, it WILL be completed. That is a promise i made myself i would do.

Now on to the other subject, Tales of Symphonia.
While i am sure several of you have already heard of this anime already (and many perhaps watch it) i myself am completely new to it, but i am looking forward to seeing it.
I have actually seen quite a few anime series recently (Anything from Shakugan no Shana, Darker than Black to Zero no Tsukaima) and so far i have enjoyed most of them. i hope that ToS will be a good one as well (remains to be seen) but i really felt i need something more to watch as there is still this little gap between when naruto and bleach is released (and stargate: atlantis) and i wish to fill this with something.

Anyway, just thought i'd give a little update seeing as it has been a little while since last time.

best regards, Stormrunner (malcite on dA) :nuts