So i've got this Team Seven-centric fic I've been writing for a while. Done with the second arc, yay! Finally I can let the ninjas be ninjas already, and not a walking "Friends" stereotype, with who loves who???!!? and disapproving parents and whatever else boring sentimental whining. Now I'm gonna start the third arc. And it's got ACTION, BABY. And blood and gore and angst -- of the "I just killed someone who didn't deserve it" variety(*), not the "wahh, X loves Y more than he loves me" variety. Ahhh. *__*

(*)not to say that this exact situation happens in said fic, but. Mmh. Angst.

... Except I don't have any inspiration for the beginning of this part. Argh. I mean, I had an idea, but it's so f**ing slow and boring...

*prods Sasuke with stick* Come on, Sasuke, you were the one who wanted violence. Work with me a little here. ~__~

... Also I think that for more efficiency, I might have to use an OC to prod them into action. Which means coming up with a personality that fills the role I want her to take up, without veering into "my Mary-Sue, let me show you her." Seeing as she's got to be a kunoichi, and hit on one of the boys in a convincing way -- which means she's got to be at least reasonably attractive and outwardly friendly -- that's gonna be hard. ~__~;;; Maybe her main talents are flirting and running, and she's crap at actual fighting... Yeah, that could work, except then she has to rely on her teammates to fight for her, and she becomes a stereotype of the kunoichi who can do nothing but spy work. Eww.

Though making her SUPERFAST NINJA ~ might be fun... Hmm. Maybe she's usually a messenger-ninja. Or something.

Blergh. Why do I care so much about making her a good OC when she's only going to appear in one chapter, maybe two, and then disappear never to be seen again? ~__~