Time for my next review. I know some of you may like Daidai and think I was a little to harsh, but I'm gonna make it up for all of you. Next up is also a fresh song:

Nana Kitade - Antoinette Blue

Track List
1. Antoinette Blue
2. Wish in the Blood
3. Kamisama Hitotsu Dake
4. Antoinette Blue ~D.Gray-Man Ending Version
5. Antoinette Blue (Instrumetal)
Release Date: 9.5.07

Nana Kitade is a name that suppose to be popular among people here. Her biggest break was the first Ending of the hit anime "Fullmetal Alchemist" and from there, the rest is history. She even had a concert here a year ago (which I missed due to the fact I didn't listen to her that much).

Ever since, she had 2 songs that have been featured in an anime; the dark and catchy Pureness (Beet the Vandel Buster ED1) and the cute and charming Kibou no Kakera (PowerPuff Girls Z OP1). I found both songs to be better than "Kesenai Tsumi" ever was, so when Antoinette Blue was first announced I was thinking two things: A. D.Grey-Man is about to have ANOTHER great ending (Including the stellar Pride of Tomorrow and the amazing Yume no Tsuzuki e) and B. GOD IT GOT NANA KITADE! Is it any good, though? Yes. It is.

The song "Antoinette Blue", unlike Nana's anime songs so far, is a much more quiet melody. The music is more slow moving and it fits the cryptic and mysterious atmosphere of the anime it portrays, D.Gray-Man. The song has nice pace to it, from the "heart beats" at the beginning (I want you to try and think up a better description!) to the emotional chorus.

What I like more about the full version more than the TV-SIZE one is the fact between the verses and the chorus there is another verse that serves an excellent transition between the two. All in all, Antoinette is a great song that continues the tradition of great D.Gray-Man's endings. If I have to state a negatives though, it is not my favorite of the series, but it's hard to accomplish since I already have a favorite ^^.

I was also surprised that the other two tracks are good and actually deserve a single of their own, especiall "Wish in the Blood". One the guitar solo at the beginning kicks in, you feel like it's a High and Mighty Color song, which is a great thing. The song is fast paced and if you ask me, it would've been better as the 4th OP for Blood+ (As much as I like Kaidoku Funou by Jinn, I don't like Raion). The other track, "Kamisama Hitotsu Dake", while probably the lesser of the 3 tracks, is still decent. The problem with it is the imbalance in the volume. While the songs kicks in with a very loud instrumental segment, it dims down slowly. Still it's a good song, but not as memorable as Wish in the Blood and Antionette Blue.

Overall, after the underwhelming "Daidai" I haven't really expected to be surprised. I will go and say it is the best single Nana Kitade has released in a while and you should definitely give her a listen if you like her style. Recommended.

The Song Itself: 9/10
The entire single: 9/10

Final Score