Awesome things have been said in this forum. So awesome that they deserve to be remembered forever! In here! *Breaks a full 26er of vodka over a random heathen's head* You're supposed to use wine, but I think it tastes gross and is for sissies and country club people! Huzzah! Shrapnel wounds! Now start reading and laughing your ass off! *drinks what's left in the top end of the bottle then trods off giddily*

Masanari said:
I hate the uchiha fanbase nowadays. They are worse than the GB kids. Why? They actually believe that kishi is going to bone his manga with uchiha jizz.

The uchiha fanbase has gotten worse over the years and it is at a point where it is not even funny anymore. LotU made me laugh because he had some logic unlike the fucks that roam this library giving it mike and ikes for a suppository. You feel me?

Why debate if your going to be like "I think uchiha are l33t because they have teh shringanz"? Wtf? Mate? Naruto is gay because he has teh kyuubiz and rasenganz then he be uzin it a11 deh tiamez.

Grow up count chocula.

H?dan said:
Anyway, anyone who isn't perverted is just a freak in the opposite direction.

Tom;21466128 said:
Zelos;21466054 said:
Nice guys finish last. :sun
But that's a good thing in the bedroom :edu

Hardjacket;5472542 said:
Mate. That girl in the web-cam pics is truly, all sorts of hot and sexy..If you're hitting that, then let me be the first to shine the boots of a most excellent swordsman.