You know, lately I've been in an analyzing mood, and have wanted to create a literary analysis of Naruto, like the AP would have you do on Hamlet, or whatever.

At first, I thought that Naruto has little literary merit to begin with, really it's only there to entertain.

Then I thought, well fuck, who are you to say something doesn't have literary merit? You got a PhD or something?

And I realized that I hate the voices inside my head.

And Naruto does have a lot to speak of. I've read essays were they talk about characters in general, about the legends that Naruto tends to dish out freely, and about predictions. But has anyone tried to write about metaphors? Irony? Symbolism? (Okay, maybe that last one yes, it's just tricky...) Or art styles? Like impressionism? (which in Naruto, is a bit weird...) Magical realism? Yes, well, this is around the time I say that I'm a nerd.

I know that since it's originally in Japanese, analyzing it can be difficult. But they do it to Anna Karenina, and to A hundred years of solitude, which were both originally Russian and Spanish respectively.

Maybe, one day, I'll get around to this. Would anyone be interested in reading such geeky content? Should I pursue this? :oh