Hi, hi. I'm Katsuragi Tsukasa. (Or Tsuu) I'm a spazzer. I'm also one of the craziest, most random people you'll ever encounter. Why am I telling you his? Just giving you heads up so that the content of my blogs never scare you... much.

Today was a pretty uneventful day. I've been working hard to finish a few projects, since I have a crap load of them piling up on me. I finally got SasuSakuORG up as well as the Gallery. Now I'm working on the Tribute and believe me, due to the LARGE amount of content I plan on having, it's going to take awhile. So then I started making Myspace layouts. Why? Because I get tired of using the premades and seeing someone else have the same layout as me. Booooriiiing. I'm also trying to wrap up a fanfiction of ffNET that I've been working on for awhile, so if you have been waiting for an update, just hang on a little longer.

I have great plans for this weekend. My sweetheart is coming to visit me and we'll be going out to a karaoke/dance bar. Yay for me. I'll be hanging out with a few old high school friends on Saturday. (Yeah, I know that I seem old by the way I phrased that, but I'm only eighteen, so nyah.)

But that's it. I'm done spazzing for the time being. Stay strong and keep the randomness flowing.