Bill Bailey is a comedian, musician and actor most well known for his live shows Bewilderness and Part Troll as well as his work on tv in Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Black Books.

In my humble opinion he's at his funniest during his live shows when he combines his odd and slightly surreal sense of humour with music creating a fairly unique brand of comedy.

So without further ado here's a couple of clips that may or may not whet your appetite.

(note I'm focusing on the more musical related material, he does various straight up gags and the like though.)

Starsky and Hutch


News themes

BBC news = apocalyptic rave?


Hats off to the Zebra's

a classic on racial equality in the animal kingdom.


A love song

icing on the cake in that it has a couple of hilarious takes on a few well known songs before he plays his own attempt at a love song =p

the lyrics are some of the most priceless lines I've ever heard.



well I hope maybe a couple of people find that entertaining, or at least an effective time killer.

There's tons more on youtube or other similar sites.

and a little bit of trivia, bill bailey's real first name is mark >_<

.Tom out.