Is a book I just finished, written by Douglas Hofstadter. And it took me some time. Been a while since I last read a book so influential. Another great inspiration :drool.

I recommend anyone interested in mathematics, logic (and philosophy at large), informatics/artificial intelligence, hell, even classical music, to read this. Especially if you're into more than one of these fields I mentioned. Fuck it, I recommend everyone to read it. But be wary, some may find the subject matter a bit hard. Well, thats what the reviews tell me, I think I understood quite a bit about it, but there are chapters that made me struggle and are probably too complex for even (:pek) me.

There are probably more than one way to describe what Hofstadter discusses in this book. Its mostly about self-referencing structures/phenomena ("This sentence is not true"), but quite in-depth (the logician's Godel's theorem). About human intelligence and about intelligence in and of itself (and its limits). About consciousness. About structures or systems (in an abstract sense).

I have the feeling that when I decide to read this again, it will feel like I'm reading it for the first time... well, I'm sure I didn't pick up everything in it.