I found this nice AMV by Douggie XD it's good for Starting Editors it's a kind of AMV we at the .org like to call Technique Beat In A nut shell its a bunch of "sync" to beats the almighty key factor of AMV editing.

Anyhow just take a look whether you're interested in Editing or not

Spoiler: AMV Technique Beat

Editor: Douggie

It's a sweet little AMV that'll teach you what you want to know if you wanna edit plus it's rather funny. I love the style used in this one it's kinda a style that crosses anime and manga very nice touch. well even if you don't wanna start editing it's something cool that you should look at

That's all for now Back to MEP work :p I've Been Neglecting my MEP tracks and the coordinators will get pissed at me