Everynow and then i like to recommend AMVs to the general Public, and I just happened to watch alot of AMVs Today on Youtube so i thought why not give my first AMV Recommendation on NF :p

Let's Start With Something Simple

Spoiler: Konna Ni Chikaku De... ~Yuki Nagato Version~
Editor: Unknown

This Is a Nice and Simple AMV, It's rare to find good and simple AMVs Now a day, a few flaws but still cool. This AMV is also rare in another way. It's A Yuki Nagato AMV ,however, unlike most Nagato AMVs it doesn't focus on the Yuki V.S. Ryouko Battle Which Is Way Over Used for Nagato AMVs. In fact this one gives the seemingly emotionless Yuki Nagato An Emotional side to watch. It's Really Cool and I would recommend to any Yuki Nagato fan. FYI: there's also a Mikuru Version of ths AMV (it's also rare to find good Mikuru AMV, however, it's not as good as this one)

Now a little more complex

Spoiler: Control
Editor: Lok1990

Another Nagato AMV XDD. Actually this AMV is made by a close friend of mine and i can't stop watching it. It's a nice Action Drama with a little romance between Yuki And Kyon. Set To Control By Mute Math it's a nice relaxing AMV. I can watch it when i'm stressed and the Atmosphere seems to lighten my burden.

Meet the previous one's opposite

Spoiler: I've Got Nerve
Editor: Tri-kun

I usually don't like recommending my own AMVs because i feel like i'm bragging about it. However, this AMV i guess is worth it. It's a Haruhi Profile (lol what's with my Haruhiism today). It's Very Upbeat, and Fun. It well describes Haruhi's Personality both the Very Crazy side, and the more down to Earth Side as well. After Chilling with Control Watch this to get you excited XD. It's Set to I've Got Nerve By Miley Cyrus (bleh). I had tons of problems making this because Miley Cyrus' Voice can get really annoying at times -__- but i did it and here it is (well you probably shouldwatch it if you don't like Miley Cyrus) But Watch it if you're a big Haruhi fan.

Now Lets get Advanced

Spoiler: Let's Just Be SUPER CUTE GIRLS
Editor: Bakadeshi

lol this AMV has no story line at all It's just a load of Fan Service XDD. It's Made by AuN Studios Bakadeshi whom is quite the inspiration in the AMV community. It's Features alot of cute girls from various anime and introduces a few of them in a professional like way. It's very fast paced and well edited. I recommend this to anyone looking to find their share of Fan Service XDDD.

That's all for today i guess

oh btw Lok1990 and I competed against each other with the mentioned AMVs Lok won. But It was very close