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Norther : Mirror Of Madness

Track Listing:

1# "Blackhearted" − 4:19
2# "Betrayed" − 4:54
3# "Of Darkness and Light" − 5:06
4# "Midnight Walker" − 4:45
5# "Cry" − 4:58
6# "Everything is an End" − 4:33
7# "Unleash Hell" − 4:15
8# "Dead" − 5:27
9# "Mirror of Madness" − 4:42

Norther is a melodic-death metal band from Espoo, Finland. I must say this was a delight to llisten to. Some of the standout tracks are Blackhearted which has lots of awesome mini solos along with the drums which give it a good tempo and the vocals are really good. Though my favorite song is Mirror Of Madness which is simply pretty awesome. The atmosphere and feeling i get is pure awesomeness :awesome with an excellent guitar riff's the drums are on par with the guitar and the vocals with the lyrics are excellent. This album is excellent and if you want a good album to begin your journey into our metal world than this album is a very good start and highly recommended. Overall this was fun and i like to blast this album way loud especially in my car when there is some person next too me that always has there music loud this is an excellent album for me to blast and see the look on thier faces. :awesome

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