lol complaining entry tiemz nao. and it's about the naruto dub

kk so episode 109 came out. It was fuck awesome, ya know? I loved the drama and the Saku->Sasu confession. I can totally understand why people don't like Sasuke and Sakura as a couple, whatever, that's fine. But people are NOT taking the scene seriously enough. I guess it's not a pairing moment at ALL, because Sasuke decided not to stay? Even though Sakura confessed that she loved him with all her heart and that "it's the same thing as being alone!" without him there.

And a lot of people are taking the dubbed episode as an excuse to bash Sakura in the face. It's fucking annoying, because they won't listen to reason, and they're really rude.

kk signing out now.

i love you people. :D