Like the title says, this blog just bout me.

Im from New Zealand (All Blacks and Lord of the Rings for those of you that are geographically challenged :pek) and the names Baz, but mates call me Bazza. Im in my freshman year in university studying architecture and love sports and music, as well as games and art in general.

Thats pretty much me in a nutshell. Some of you prolly recognise me around the Sports thread alot since I hang there most and occasionally in the gaming forums.

Time for some plugging so check my Deviantart site out:

Havent updated in a while cos of uni work but Ill get to it sooner or later. I also do some Naruto fanart and occassionally colour the manga pages so you might have seen my work in shannaro and japflap scanlations. Ive been out of it the past few months but Ill be back.

Oh and check out the Sports forums, especially the EPL thread for the most colourful and weirdest of characters from around the forum. Gets pretty intense in there, but often we welcome all you sport enthusiasts, n00b or not

Ive never blogged before so I might give this a proper shot. Updates will be frequent or rare, depends on my motivation or workload. :p

Thats bout it, peace :kool