Christmas has come and gone again. So all that is left is New Years. To be honest ,because of my pesimistic side, the thought of a new year can leave me feeling a bit depressed. Although, I guess im wierd like that.

My next order of businiess is to think ,and try to think of ways to make it happen, of a new years goal. Last year I tried the sappy "To make myself a better person" nonesense. To be reall Thats the general idea of all New Years goals. Therefor I'm considering makeing this years to be, to take care of myself. A good one I think with more than one meaning depending on the context you think about it in.

Me and Games (recently):
I've just rekindled my burning passion of console games. With my Xbox 360 I have rounded up : Assassins Creed ,Gears of war,Spiderman 3, Strangle Hold(Demo), and Mass effect (Demo).

Assassins Creed:
Simply amazing in my opinion. Its a sand box style platformer. Its inovatice, simply great graphics. Above it all its fun. It can get repetitive a bit. But, not as much as to deminish anything. Also there are ways to "spice it up" in the repetitive part if it bugs you that much. Battle system is great as well, you can go into a fight of about 10 ro 15 people and if done right you can kill them all with out geting hit.

Gears of War:
I know its kind of old. It is a good shooter that honestly has made me like shooters in general. I was never that big of a fan of them before now. Its a short fight and the boss fights once you know what to do leave a bit to be wanted. Good action nice controls, which all makes online play amazing.

On a side note for Christmass I picked up a Zune 2 80GB. My laptop I use now cannot hold near that. Which means alot of deleting will be done. So now im on a quest to get lots of anime to put on my Zune to see if I can come close to filling all 80GBs.:amuse

Small thing on the side I'm starting to do for a hobby is trying to work on the game(s). Mostly Im trying to get down my character sprits. If anyone knows anything about these kind of things give me a message.

Happy New Year.