I read a blog about a bit of Accel 2 and I just wanna add stuff.

TS Hinata - She is the bomb! She has a longer range Kaiten and you can continue it by pressing circle. Combo reaches more than 60 hits. And it eats bits of chakra.

TS Sasuke - His Chidori when full reaches seven (or was it eight) combo hits, he hits the first and flies off with seven or six more dashes.

Combination specials - TS Sasuke with TS Naruto, TS Sasuke with Oro, TS Naruto with TS Sakura, Sasori with Deidara, Itachi with Kisame (extremely cool!), etc...

Try it out! Shodai Hokage has increased speed. Oro is more powerful, Yamato is awesome (although his wood looks like plywood) and he is very complicated. Sasori outside Hiruko is available (he brings the Kazekage puppet). He's slow but has great defense.

Team calling is allowed. So when you're down or are about to be caught in an up2x circle combo, press R2 to bring out your helper and spoil the combo. I suggest using Tsunade as the helper. She slams her leg and sends the opponent flying (great combo for Shodai's special attack!)